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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Local View from My Front Step

Tonight's sunset makes all that hideous cold winter stuff seem ages ago. And now I get to watch it deepen and brighten, kinda like Easter eggs. (Except for the oldest's, because he kept switching them from color to color, so his turned out this odd shade of gray-brown, which he's adamant was his color objective all along.)

Local Bravo

Meet Bravo. Bravo would like to be adored, and in return he promises to adore you back. Bravo would also like you to fill his name out a bit via use of the NATO phonetic alphabet, making him Bravo Romeo Alfa Victor Oscar. And he'd be happy to go by any of those as nicknames, for the record.

First, though, you'll need to go get him.
photo credit: FCAS

Local Goldenrod

I'm so pleased to live in goldenrod!

I'm hopeful we'll quickly move on to butternut squash, then pumpkin, and land firmly in baby carrot, but for now I'm exceptionally proud of goldenrod. (We moved through the limes so quickly it's astounding.)

What 2010 Census response color is your neighborhood? Click on View Participation Rates, enter your zip, click on Local View, and find out.

Local Mailcall

Dear WSFCS board:

About the calendar, hi, what's with the whole week before (whispering) Easter off? That forced me to buy the candy for the children's baskets entirely too far in advance, and now I've accidentally eaten it all and need to replace it, but THEY'RE WITH ME. This is problematic.


WSFCS 2009-2010 calendar
WSFCS 2010-2011 calendar, which is infinitely candy-friendlier but features no Fall Break whatsoever. I'll miss FB immeasurably. Also next year's calendar treats Spring Break as practically sacrosanct; the bad weather makeup days are all over the place and only land on SB as a last resort.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Local Different Takes

I peek at a fair number of local blogs, though I rarely comment. Recently the internets have offered up two very different reactions to the same local event. Both are by local fathers who write compellingly.

As far as the two takes go, I tend toward more of Kim's myself. I've been told I'm blissfully pie-in-the-sky eyed, though.

Oh, sorry. Links, huh.

Kim E. Williams take on Spike Lee
Jon Lowder's take on Spike Lee

THIS IS SPARTA! (alternate title: Tonight we dine in the cafeteria!)

The youngest is pretty much in love with history; his two-pronged career plan is to be (1) a historian and (2) the mayor, I know not in what order. While his truest of true is Colonial Americana, he's recently been having a dalliance with Famed Warriors Throughout History. The flames of ardor were fanned mightily by a book he found at this year's Scholastic Book Fair pitting individual warriors against each other, and he can now discuss at length how a Zulu would have fared against, say, a Samurai. Or an Aztec. Or a Viking. Or any other warrior the constraints of time, space, and historical accuracy would have prevented the Zulu from ever encountering.

History's ultimate warrior, according to the youngest, is the mighty Spartan, which is why recently he announced that if he has two sons and one daughter, their names will be Leonidas, Spartacus and Lucy Buttercup. He also declared his firm intent to attend Mt. Tabor High School seven years from now for the same reason. This is fine and dandy, but methinks* the students there don't learn nearly as much hand-to-hand combat as the youngest believes.


Mt. Tabor High School

CompRehab hallway, 2nd floor

This is the only one in a series of local photographs by Norm Williams that I just can't place. I feel like I've seen this view; I just don't know where.

Local Oh My Goodness This Sounds Awesome

Church Basement Ladies
Thursday, April 1, 2010
7:30 PM
The Stevens Center

A celebration of the church basement kitchen and the women who work there, Church Basement Ladies is a new musical comedy featuring four distinct characters and their relationships as they organize the food and solve the problems of a rural Minnesota church about to undergo changes in 1964. From the elderly matriarch of the kitchen to the young bride-to-be learning the proper order of things, we see them handle a record breaking Christmas dinner, the funeral of a dear friend, a Hawaiian Easter Fund Raiser, and, of course, a steaming hot July wedding. They stave off potential disasters, share and debate recipes, instruct the young, and keep the Pastor on due course while thoroughly enjoying, (and tolerating) each other as the true "steel magnolias" of the church.


happy update: MPB and I are going! I couldn't resist. Whee!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday means more than just the start of another work week; it also means....


Sunday night was stormy all around this week with tornado watches in Winston-Salem and a whirlwind of anger on Madhouse. Jonathan Brown was the center of the episode this week as his popularity and driving skill increased.

Jonathan is quite the up and comer at Bowman Gray and is currently 5th in points which is not too shabby for a rookie driver. Jonathan lets us all know that his problem falls in qualifying. If he draws a good starting position from the tube sock of death he does well, but if he has to drive for starting position, his luck is much different. Jonathan feels that qualifying shocks are what he needs to put him in a good starting position. Burt and Tim both run shocks specifically for qualifying, and it aids them in gaining a better starting position. Unfortunately, Jonathan doesn't have the financial backing that Tim and Burt has, and he can't just pull shocks out of his kiester. Jonathan decides to spend his own money to put shocks on the car.

What I don't like about Jonathan is that he seems to be only out for himself. He is teammates with Junior Miller; however, it seems like a high school hallway when they are all in the garage together... Jonathan and his team whispering about Junior and his team in the corner, and then they all come together and act like BFF's. OMG it makes me want to like LOL, I mean WTF? Can't we all just go shop at Hollister and and like, get along? Seriously? I understand that in racing only one car can win, but I don't think you should bite the hand that feeds you.

The episode was quite upbeat, and then came the violins and the abandoned puppy in the alley footage. Translation: obligatory Chris Fleming segment. I broke out the Cymbalta and a box of White Zin so I could muster through the sadness of Chris Fleming's interview. Ok, you broke your ribs, your back hurts, you don't have money to fix your car, and yet you are still calling yourself The Showstopper? How about calling yourself The Racestopper due to the extensive numbers of caution flags you have caused to come out this year? Or maybe The Heartstopper due to the times you've caused my life to almost end out of boredom?

Junior Miller decided to go back to racing his orange car. And truth be told, I think it was a smart decision. Junior just isn't Junior in a red car. Junior drives the orange #69. What is his thinking driving the red car? Junior and his crew spend all week working on the orange car, getting it race ready. Brian Salter, the engine man, says that Junior's engine is probably the best engine he has ever built, and if he gets the suspension up to par, no one can beat him driving the orange car. We'll just see about that.

The day of the race we're back out at Junior's garage where he and his crew chief discover that the engine is broken. A timing belt of valve shaft or something has broken. No one's fault, the part just breaks. That's what I call bad luck. Junior is forced to race his old red car even though it's not near race ready.

To the track we go... Burt qualifies on the pole with the fastest lap recorded all season. Tim is next to him on the outside with a pretty fast lap as well... just not as fast as Burt. (Felt like I needed to point that out again.) Jonathan gives his new shocks a try and only qualifies 11th. Hmm, if it's not the shocks, and the car is otherwise in perfect condition, I'm wondering if the problem with qualifying is operator error? Just a thought. Let me explain it like this for you, Jonathan: I can run, I can buy the best running shoes in the world, I can practice everyday, but that doesn't mean I'm going to be in the Olympics. Sometimes life just works out that way. Look, Jonathan, someone has to finish behind Burt.

The race begins and it is exciting -- a 50 lap double file restart race. As a fan in the stands, you are just praying for a caution, because the restarts are so exciting. Junior quickly knocks Jason Myers out of the race, something he has gotten quite good at this season. Burt is then eliminated, and finally it's Jonathan, Tim Brown and Junior at the front of the pack. Tim Brown is leading, and Jonathan is right behind him. Jonathan spins Tim out while Junior blocks everyone else from catching up to his teammate. Jonathan ends up winning his 2nd race at Bowman Gray.

Now, there were two things I found entertaining about the post race events... one, Jonathan Brown went on and on about what a great driver he was to beat Tim and Burt. Are you really that good of a driver, or did you just wreck all of your actual competition and then use your elderly teammate to block for you causing you to win? I'm going with option two. The other thing I found hilarious was Tim Brown sulking in the pits that he got spun out. Dude, you've had the lucky rabbit's foot all season. No mechanical problems and no wrecks. What are you upset about? Simmer down. It's racing. If you don't expect to be spun out, then maybe you should pick a different sport.

All in all the episode wasn't too exciting... we'll see what happens next week!

And now for your MADHOUSE QUOTE(S) OF THE WEEK (I have 3 and I just couldn't decide):

1. Junior Miller- "Losing the best motos ya got, a $40,000 motor dies just sitting in the shop, I can't explain how bad it is. It's bout' like your brother dying. Bad, bad, bad."

If I ever compare my brother's death to losing an engine please call me by my new name... Hateful.

2. Junior Miller- "We gotta go to the track with a car we know's not capable of sitting on the pole, it's bout' like going to the prom and dancing with your sister."

'Nuff said.

3. Junior Miller (discussing racing against the Myers boys)- "Put a little Tide on em' and put em' through the spin cycle."


KT and I met up in KVille for a little BBQ. And now I have to go shriek at how many letters are missing from just that one sentence.

The Buena Vista Garden, by Yarddawg

Esbee note: Wait! Wait! Before we get to the BVG, let me show you what was left on my doorstep like an abandoned waif the day after I posted about burgling everyone's garden animals. It took me a few days to track down the party responsible for this enormous and magnificent fish, but I did. Thank you to DK, one of the very first LiF readers ever.

And now, Yarddawg...

ATTN: Local Potheads

Miss Esbee suggested I write something on growing vegetables in pots. Her wish is granted. The bottom line is this: any vegetable which grows in the ground will also grow in containers. The container can be anything available. Containers work for herbs too. I have used large coffee cans, vegetable cans, chimney tiles, plastic pots, clay, wood, and ceramic. You can even - Check This Out - grow potatoes in a garbage can.

Container grown vegetables are an excellent option for those living in condos, apartments, or anywhere yard space is limited. One important consideration you'll need is plenty of direct sunshine -- the more the better.

Hint: Eggplant is both ornamental and tasty and especially cool in pots. (Five gallon minimum)

Here are a few other essentials that come to mind to help with container vegetable success:
  1. The larger the vegetable, the larger the pot.
  2. The container must have multiple drainage holes in the bottom.
  3. Only use a good quality potting soil. Never use regular dirt from your yard. I always mix in good compost with the potting soil. This can be store bought or homemade.
  4. If you are hard headed and insist on using regular dirt, here's what you can do, but it is a pain in the butt! The my way is better, do-it-yourself individual can make a planting medium by mixing equal parts of sand, loamy garden soil, and peat moss. The mix should be heated in an oven for 1 hour at 210o F to kill any bacteria, fungi, insects,or weed seeds.
  5. Check the potting soil to see if it contains fertilizer. If not, a balanced fertilizer needs to be added.
  6. Container moisture should be consistent.
  7. When summer heat arrives the pot must be watered and probably daily. At extreme high temperatures this could mean twice daily.
  8. And please make sure to plant warm season crops after the risk of frost is over... like in May. Cool season crops like lettuce, cabbage, broccoli etc. are OK now.
  9. Long weekends away and summer vacations without water will mean certain death.
Long weekends away and summer vacations without water will mean certain death.
Long weekends away and summer vacations without water will mean certain death.
Did you get that?

Here are some links I recommend reading thoroughly from the folks at NC Cooperative Extension that will get you started and ensure success:

Container Vegetable Gardening and Growing Vegetables in Containers and general web links for various Vegetables and Techniques too numerous to mention.

On a personal note. I just wish these folks could come up with more imaginative, more awesomer, groovy, titles for this fine information.

Go on now and play in the dirt. When in doubt call a Master Gardener.
- Yarddawg

Up through the atmosphere, up where the air is clear

Kite Day
Saturday, April 3, 2010
1:30 - 4:30 PM
Historic Bethabara Park
2147 Bethabara Rd, Winston-Salem

Bring your own kite - a limited number of kites will be available for public use. The raindate for this event is Sunday, April 4, 2010.

Historic Bethabara Park

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Local (less welcome) Sign of Spring

click on screenshot to enlarge

Ahh, the first tornadoes of the year... I count five.

We're under watches and warnings through 1 am at this point.

Local Dreary Sunday Afternoon Destination

Edward McKay, open 12-6 today

Local Loss

There was never a job or task too tough for Mary Anne to tackle, be it cooking over a campfire, striking a tent in the rain, changing a flat tire, re-upholstering an old couch, stretching the family budget in the early days, sewing or her favorite past time of all; finding new uses for old panty hose.

Goodness, but she sounds splendid. I'm so sorry I never had the pleasure.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

On a scale of 1 - 10...

...this coconut gelato's at least a 47. It's at Blue Ridge, of course. Get thee there and enjoy some tropical goodness for yourself.

Skinny peeps, go nuts and order the carrot cake ice cream. I had a taste of the oldest's. Holy.

There's also a lovely chocolate, raspberry and Cabernet gelato that's beyond decadent. I had a very hard time ordering today, frankly.

Blue Ridge Ice Creams

Local Turtle Hunting

These turtles are amazing. Designed by some of the fifth grade students at Brunson, each one represents an actual turtle being cared for at South Carolina Aquarium's Animal Hospital where the Brunson students will travel at the end of April. The students have been studying the endangered loggerhead species and made the lawn turtles as part of a campaign to raise funds for the hospital's important work.

Donations welcome! Make your tax-deductible donation of any amount payable to:
Brunson Elementary School - Save The Turtles

and send it to:

Brunson Elementary School
Creekside Kids
155 N. Hawthorne Rd.
Winston-Salem, NC 27104-4399

The turtles are currently on the move; they're being moved in "bales" (turtle groupings) by parent volunteers among yards in Forsyth County to raise awareness of injured and ill sea turtles.

Brunson Elementary School
SC Aquarium's Sea Turtle Rescue

⅓ Game, ⅓ Race, ⅓ City Tour

It's time to register for the 2010 Scene in Winston-Salem Scavenger Hunt, scheduled for the afternoon of Saturday, April 24th!

Teams of two work together to solve clues that lead them to different destinations around downtown, incorporating local history, local community, local arts, and local more.

The $20 per person entry fee once again benefits the Downtown Winston-Salem Partnership's continued downtown revitalization efforts; last year's hunt raised more than 5000 bucks for the DWSP!

Take a gander at last year's fun. Then register for this year's fun by clicking here.

Scene in Winston-Salem Scavenger Hunt

Shop Local

SpaceSavers, a spring cleaner's best friend (also an ally of Type As)

Forsyth Heritage Museum

Have you been? Of course not, because we don't have one.

Wilkes does, though, and the youngest and I popped over to visit last weekend. We loved it madly, and we think you should get in your car right now and whip over there.

The museum is beautifully set up with individual rooms focusing on particular aspects of Wilkes' history: local military memorabilia, moonshiners, medicine, developments in farming, transportation, education, the rise of racing, etc.

In addition to the main museum, housed in a courthouse built at the turn of the twentieth century, admission also gets you a guided tour of two additional buildings: the old jail (c. 1859), where you can see ghastly cell doors and hear about Tom Dula (pronounced Dooley) who was jailed there before his trial and subsequent execution, and a log cabin dating to 1779 that was home to one of Wilkesboro's well-to-do citizens and his umpteen children.

Early local citizenry is presented in several rooms, including a thoughtful introduction to famed conjoined twins Chang and Eng Bunker, who came to North Carolina to see a doctor in Wilkesboro and fell in love with the area, settling nearby.

The museum is well-suited for school-aged children and older.

Admission is $5 adults/ $4 students and seniors age 55 and older/ ages 4 & under free. Closed Sundays, Mondays, and major holidays. Hours are 10 AM - 4 PM. Museum is located at 100 East Main Street, Wilkesboro.

Wilkes Heritage Museum

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Easter means Baby Chicks, Baby Sheeps, Baby Bunnies...

Now imagine a baby Mocha sitting maybe not in but next to an Easter basket. Imagine her wearing a jaunty collar in spring colors. Imagine her looking extremely guilty while surrounded by bits of shells from brightly colored eggs you inadvisedly left within doggie reach. Except you wouldn't do that, because you're clearly a thoughtful owner, so just imagine her looking longingly at the eggs instead.

Imagine how much fun Mocha's going to be when it warms up a little more and you turn on the lawn sprinkler. Imagine how she'll wag her tail when you singsong Mokey, Who's my Mokey girl? Imagine how warm she'll keep your toes if next winter's anything like the one that just vamoosed.

Now go get her.
photo credit: FCAC

In five flavors!

Chelsee's Coffee Shop (533 N. Trade) is selling these pork skins made by local bakery Wits End of Clemmons. They have samples out, but I'm drinking a minty coffee drink, and I fear the flavors would clash like Titans. Someone else will need to come out and critique them.

Wits End Bakery
Chelsee's Coffee Shop

Local holiday planning

I JUST CAME INTO DEWEY'S TO SNIFF THE AIR*. My kids live here in Winston with me, but if they didn't, if they weren't expected home for Easter, I'd pop a tin of these in the mail, send them a little local love.

Find these at Dewey's, as well as some truly lovely -- sadly unshippable -- cupcakes topped with birds' nests with eggs. They're just beautiful; go see!

Dewey's Bakery

* Wowsers, I don't know if they're using more sugar or vanilla or what, but the bakery smells unbelievable today, like standing inside a pound cake.

Local Menagerie

In addition to my Talavera pig planter, I also have a metal turtle in my yard. (He's supposed to be a fountain, but I find the idea of a spitting turtle ewwy, so I just sort of let him be. It's very zen.)

Yarddawg's outdoor space features a hippo planter that I covet wildly. I think about stealing it every time I lay eyes on it. It's currently planted with lettuce, which ratchets the amazingness up at least three notches.

And SueMo acquired a new garden fancy chicken for whom she needs a name. Suggestions? Hurry, because I'm also considering stealing this item as well.

If you have any fantastic faux fauna in your outdoor space, please email photos to me immediately so I can add your items to my theft list. Then one night I'll go all over town with an enormous sack just like the Grinch and take it all. Only my heart won't grow, and I won't return it. The End.

ATTN: Local Citizenry

The Forsyth County Board of Elections is currently recruiting residents to serve as pollworkers for the 2010 Election Cycle.

The requirements are that you are 18 years of age and a registered voter in Forsyth County.

Elections in 2010 are scheduled for May 4, 2010 - Primary Election, June 22, 2010 - Second Primary (if necessary) and November 2, 2010 – General Election.

more information
apply online
Forsyth County Board of Elections

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Cleaning, Summer Planning

Forgive the quiet; my mind is busily planning this summer's redecoration of the youngest's room. The theme? Oh, you know, the ever-popular, always classic Historical Americana meets Día de Los Muertos. So basically a lot of red, white, and blue plus skulls. Hey, good news, I found the right frame for this today!

Over the upcoming spring break, I need to measure a really old family bedstead I have that I believe is a 3/4. I have to know for sure, obviously. Then I'll begin to think bedding. Also I need to think about floor coverings, lighting, and such. But first I want to go through the basement and the attic and see what I have onhand that will work, because holy cannoli, we're in a recession, and I need to do this room on the super-cheap.

And when I'm done poking and switching and swapping, I should have a nice little pile to take to Goodwill so someone else can snag a decorative item or ten.

17 convenient Goodwill dropoff locations in Forsyth County


Ode to the hippopotamus!
I wish there was one for each of us
But you. I love you so, you see,
You deserve two hippopotami.

And there it is, a translation of the poem I wrote for a French class in college that spawned my email address. Years later, I realized it's rather a knockoff of one by Ogden Nash, which isn't surprising considering how much of my childhood was spent listening to my father read Nash's funny, little poems aloud.

The Community Arts Café will open the exhibit, POETIC EXPRESSIONS, on Thursday, March 25th from 5:30PM to 8PM at the Gallery of the Arts, 411 West Fourth Street. The show will run through the month of April in conjunction with National Poetry month. Both the opening reception and exhibit are FREE and open to the public.

POETIC EXPRESSIONS is an exhibit of creatively blended poetry and visual art from artists around the Triad area. The artists were invited to submit visual art works integrating some form of poetry or being distinctly inspired by a poem, which would also accompany the work. Original poems inspired by an original works could also be submitted as a pair. Artists had the option to work independently or in partnership with another poet, with the encouragement to partner with local poets.

Gallery of the Arts

Monday, March 22, 2010

Nun Day Mite rhymes with Monday Night, which can only mean it's time for...


Greetings, Madhouse fans! What a week it was…. all about Tim Brown. Here are the valuable lessons I took away from this week at the Madhouse:
  1. If you scream obscenities into a microphone in front of 20,000 people, it is customary to blame everyone else instead of accepting responsibility yourself… because, you know, the person in Row R Seat 15 is definitely responsible for your salty language.
  2. If you decide to apologize to your teammates for causing embarrassment and shame to your racing team, it is a good idea to swear at them and tell them to shut up while offering your sincerest regrets.
  3. Kissing the behind of the man holding your fate for cursing at the race does not work when he already has the typed press release on what your punishment is in an envelope in his back pocket.
So here’s the 411 on this week’s episode:

We started out racing this week. Burt Myers and Tim Brown were head to head on the front row for this week’s featured event. Word around the pits is that Tim Brown is a big, giant wimp. He won’t choose sides, he won’t get in fights, and he definitely won’t look in the mirror and realize his hair style went out in 1975. I will give Junior Miller credit: at least he’ll pick a side. He doesn’t like the Myers, the Myers don’t like him. Tim Brown must have been his parent’s peer pressure nightmare, because all he wants to do is be liked, and he’ll do anything to avoid controversy. Controversy sells --just ask Lindsay Lohan, US Weekly or the Kardashians.

Burt and Tim agree to run a clean race. Both know they don’t need to resort to foolish tactics of spinning each other out or running one another into a guard rail to win the race… let the fastest driver prevail. The green flag drops, and as quick as the lady in Row J swallows a handful of pork rinds, Tim Brown has spun Burt Myers causing him to drop to 14th. Tim hangs on to win the race, but Burt is mad. He decides to rain on Tim’s parade and bumps him from behind during his victory lap. No damage is done to Tim’s car. It was more of a message.

On to Victory Lane (otherwise known as a golf cart with a platform with a checkered flag background on it). The fans go nuts when Tim exits the vehicle. Tim expects to be showered with love and cheers of joy. Hey, Tim, do you look like Dale Earnhardt, Jr? No one cares. Tim is instead greeted by boos, middle fingers and the occasional cheese fry being flung at his head. Did I mention that Burt is the Golden Boy? People love him at Bowman Gray. You spin him out, they are angry. Angry like the Golden Corral has stopped serving cherry cobbler angry.

I was laughing out loud at the pure shock on Tim’s face. He was genuinely surprised that people were yelling at him. So Tim does what any normal, grown up would do in this situation; he grabs the microphone and proceeds to invite Burt Myers on to the track to kick his (rhymes with cutlass). Fans are astonished that Tim has chosen to use such an offensive word. Children are in utter disbelief; they immediately stop flicking off Tim because of the sheer magnitude of this horrifying statement. I mean it’s one thing to use language like that in front of adults, but using the A word in front of innocent children wearing t-shirts that say Bootylicious and “FBI: Federal B00b Inspector” is another thing. Come on man, where are your morals?!? These children don’t know words like that!

The pits are astir with what the consequences of Tim’s vulgar words are going to be. Will he be penalized in points? Will he be suspended? Will Gray Garrison, the track manager, stick a big bar of soap in his filthy mouth?

The show dragged on a little getting to the actual punishment phase. I mean really, I’ve seen murderers receive their sentences faster.

Tim has a moment where he “apologizes” to his teammates by telling his brother to shut up and cursing at them. He also tells them that they are all responsible for what happened. Really, Tim? Are your teammates ventriloquists? Because it looked to me like the words were coming out of YOUR mouth, Howdy Doody.

Finally comes the moment of truth... Gray Garrison calls Tim Brown and tells him to come to the track to find out his fate. Tim arrives, and I have to say I was actually uncomfortable watching a grown man beg and plead like Tim did. Look, you got caught with your hand in the cookie jar, Tim. Take your punishment like a man and be done with it. Gray finally whips out an envelope and Tim discovers that his fate is probation for the rest of the season. Probation? Probation? Does anyone think probation works ever? Probation is like the real world version of a Monopoly Get Out of Jail Free card. Gray Garrison, if you are reading this… shame on ya. Suspend that fool until he can learn that if he has a problem with Burt Myers he needs to come talk to me, Burt Myers’ personal bodyguard, about it.

No other major news in this week’s episode -- we saw very little of the other drivers. The season is really cranked up though, and I’ll keep tuning in.

On a separate note, I got to spend my weekend at Bristol Motor Speedway watching the big boy race cars. While there I got to meet Jason Witten of the Dallas Cowboys and Stone Cold Steve Austin….enjoy the pics. Jason Witten is quite a delicious dish.

And for your Madhouse Quote of the Week... I need submissions!!! My DVR didn’t record, so I didn’t get to write any memorable lines down. Please submit, and we’ll pick a winner!!!
- KT

Free this Friday?


The mission of Dress for Success is to promote the economic independence of disadvantaged women by providing professional attire, a network of support and the career development tools to help women thrive in work and in life.

Dress for Success Winston-Salem

Spa + Ghetti

We're debating the middle school language choice at our house currently. The oldest is kind of interested in Latin, kind of interested in Spanish. I started with Latin, then studied Spanish and French (with two years of Attic Greek thrown in for good measure), so Latin seems like the logical language with which to start to me, but my husband deems Spanish more practical. In day-to-day terms, of course, he's right, but as I pointed out, learning Latin word roots comes in handy come S.A.T. time.

Only now I'm sitting here wondering about the word spaghetti. Sincerely if I was unfamiliar with the word, and it came at me on a test, I'd think it was some sort of holistic slum. You know, in the Latin masculine plural. Spaghettus, spaghetti.

Dios Mio.

Families Helping Families
First Ever
Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser
$5 Adults/ $3 Children
Monday, March 22, 2010
Ardmore Moravian Church
Hawthorne & Academy
5:30 - 8 PM

Live music, raffle, kids' crafts! Everybody needs a helping hand sometimes... Please come out and support a local family through their tough time.

Ardmore Moravian Church

Local Help Our Troops

Spring 2010 Blood Drive
March 23, 2010
11 AM - 7 PM
National Guard Armory
2000 Silas Creek Parkway

The Mobile Blood Unit from Fort Bragg will be collecting blood for our troops. Please sign up by TODAY, March 22, by calling 413-8432. Walk-ins welcome.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Green

In honor of my gorgeously green lawn, in the lefthand column you will find new local etsy love items of the same hue! Also a headband that reminds me of dogwood flowers in honor of the little dogwood tree in my front yard! Plus a few other local fab finds that just screamed GOODNESS and HAPPY at me.

Go, Spring! And thank you for supporting local artisans.

(drumroll, please)

Each spring what to put in El Pigglio Wigglio is a judgment call that requires the greatest contemplation. There are several primo spots in my Garden of Nonsense, including but not limited to The Tire of Awesomeness, but my Talavera pig planter is the primoest bit of real estate.

You'll be pleased to know that I've reached a decision. This year that space will feature this bad boy:

I've named him Vidal!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Eat out next Thursday

Arts for Life is a non-profit organization that brings visual art, creative writing, and music programs into North Carolina hospitals for pediatric and young adult patients. Locally you can find them regularly throughout Brenner Children's Hospital at art stations and at patients' bedsides.

Next Thursday more than thirty local restaurants will participate in the first annual Healing Meals benefit to support these efforts. Please click the Healing Meals button at right to learn more.

Arts for Life
Brenner Children's Hospital

K box at Edward McKay

The movie adaptation of the second-from-righthand book opens today, a fact my children shared with me no less than four times this morning on the way to school. I'll happily take them to the Grand this afternoon to see it, but at least one of them better pony up to go with me to the Ramona and Beezus movie that comes out this summer, because those were some of my favorite childhood books EVER.

Edward McKay
The Grand Theatre
Diary of a Wimpy Kid (opens with sound)
Ramona and Beezus (opens with sound)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Local Net Working

The summer I was twenty-three, my mother and I signed up for a week of early morning tennis bootcamp. Each of us was fantastic as a doubles partner, consistent as all get-out, enabling the partnered player to shine in all of his or her tennis glory. However neither of us was what I'd call oomphy as a singles player; our shots were always in but often arrived gently and generally were returned easily.

During that week my mother and I ran sprints, did rapid-fire drills at the net, worked on taking a chance with that first serve, on really pounding the ball as hard as we could in hopes of acing the opponent. We drank water with gusto and embraced two-handed backhands as being less graceful but more powerful. And at the end of the week, we resolved to take a tennis camp together the next summer, too, and the next.

I don't know why we never did. I guess life got in the way.

Kernersville Parks & Recreation

Local hangy-down tummy folds

These signs are all over BeeVee.

So, about the hypothetical book(s)...

That we here at LiF bought for the public library by filling out our Census forms and returning them right as rain:

I'd like to talk about bookplates, please. I've long adored the bookplates in some of the older books at the library, you know, these:

But yesterday, y'all, I found an even better one. Feast your eyes on this, because even with the slight twinge I experienced for the absence of proper hyphenation, the font alone sent me madly a-swoon:

Then there are the county and city seals! One resting on a motto, the other on feathers! And a decorative border! And the whole light lettering on a dark background thingie! It's like the Promised Land of Bookplates!

So when you picture the hypothetical book(s) we at LiF have purchased for the library, please adjust your imaginations accordingly to include the second bookplate, only with a dash appropriate to the font in between the words Winston and Salem.

Also please consider donating a book to the library yourself. You know, just because.

Forsyth County Public Library

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Local Author

Local Christian writer and speaker Lizzie Armentrout will do a book signing at Chelsee's (533 N. Trade) this Saturday, March 20th, from 1 -3 PM.

Her most recent book is A Vengeful Spirit, a mystery set in "Pilotview, NC".

This event is FREE.

Lizzie Armentrout
A Vengeful Spirit on Amazon

Sherwood Plaza

Goodbye, Ciccione's! Hello (soon), Burke Street!


S'il vous plaît...


(And yet, for all my linguistic and cultural posturing, I still refuse to wear green...)

Hey, bidder, bidder

Village Smith Galleries of Reynolda Village
invites you to
the Dairy Barn at Reynolda Village
for a one time only
Friday, March 19th at 7 PM
Doors open at 6:30 for preview
Wine & Hors d'œuvre

Reynolda Village

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

And I mean SORTA-EXACT...

First person OTHER THAN SUEMO to name the location in comments wins a sticker featuring my photo of our beloved Shell station. The name of the closest business will suffice. (SueMo, if nobody gets it by noon tomorrow, have at it.)

Sadly I cannot read the photographer's name

The youngest and I very much like the new installation of local photographs that adorns the freshly painted second floor hallway at CompRehab, this one especially.

Pediatric Therapy at WFUBMC's CompRehab

The Buena Vista Garden, by Yarddawg

Fall, Winter, Project

Once the leaves started falling last fall, I started collecting leaves and grinding them some with my lawn mower and hauling them to my backyard. I mean A LOT of leaves to make compost. Not only my leaves, but leaves from neighbors too. I’m sure they think I’ve lost it and they might be right. Today the pile is about 25’ X 6’ X 5’ and has shrunk a bit due to decomposition. I’ve dabbled in composting before but never on this scale. Because of limited access to my backyard everything had to be carted by hand.

Now every couple of weeks (weather permitting) the chore is to turn the pile to speed up decomposition, again by hand with only a pitchfork. The more it’s turned the quicker the process. It takes a good eight hours right now for me to accomplish this task. Would I recommend this to everyone? No. Is it for everyone? No. Will I do it again next year? Yes. Is it worth the effort? I think so, because not only will it improve my red clay soil, but I also get plenty of fresh air, sunshine, a real workout, and some personal satisfaction along the way. Sally helps too by keeping ferocious animals at bay.

Want to know more about composting? Click here. You can also contact the Forsyth County Extension office at 336-703-2850 for more details.

Reminder: As of March 1st the Master Gardener Hotline is now taking calls Monday-Friday.
- Yarddawg

Among other offerings...

The Last Station is playing at a/perture this weekend.

Friday: 2:40 and 7:40 PM
Saturday: 2:40 and 7:40 PM
Sunday: 12:20 and 5:20 PM
Monday - Thursday: 6:00 PM

a/perture cinema, locally owned and operated

Rhymes with ants in the pants

Dance, that is. I'm wretched at dancing but simultaneously enthusiastic about it. This is a tragic combination, because it means that if given the opportunity to dance, I will quickly seize upon it and then shame all who love me horribly. Our wedding reception featured no dancing with good reason. (But lots of food, because boy howdy, am I good at eating!)

Emerging Choreographers
Tuesday & Wednesday, March 30-31
Thursday -Saturday, April 1-3
7:30 PM
deMille Theatre, UNCSA

Contemporary dance works by student choreographers will be featured. FREE. Please call the box office to reserve seats: 336-721-1945.

UNCSA School of Dance

Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday night means Funday night, because it's time for


Oh mercy, mercy me. What a week at the Madhouse. My jaw literally dropped when we got to meet Chastity, the too tanned/too blonde/too everything waitress who is the reason wives check their husbands' cell phones and email accounts. More on her in a bit...

So this week started out in the Miller garage where we are starting to see more of Jonathan Brown. If you recall, Jonathan is a teammate of Junior Miller and an up-and-comer at the stadium. I knew that the show would have to focus on him at some point because he was such an important part of last season's racing.

I still like Jonathan, despite being aligned with Junior. I just wish he would put on a shirt with sleeves every now and then. I don't want to go to a restaurant and see the underarm hair of the guy sitting next to me. I don't care if I'm eating at McDonald's or at the fanciest restaurant in town... I don't need pit hair to accompany my McRib sandwich.

We got to go to dinner at Clark's BBQ with Junior and his whole racing team including Jonathan. While they were all enjoying their appetizers of "crackers and ranch dressing" (somewhere in the world Bobby Flay saw this and is having a heart attack), in walks a waitress named Chastity. Let me attempt to explain Chastity in as few words as possible... has anyone seen the "Cherry Pie" video by Warrant? Chastity is the 2010 version of the woman in that video. Chastity is Myrtle Beach at it's finest... Let me explain further: you know how you have to go to Wings or Eagles every time you go to the beach to buy your kid a hermit crab that will die before you make it to the car? And how each time you go in the store you wonder who would possibly want to buy all those rebel flag bikinis, Big Johnson t-shirts and pukka necklaces? Well, I've got the answer -- Chastity does. Chastity is one, clear, 6 inch plastic pump and pole away from shattering all her father's hopes and dreams. I find it a bit ironic her name is Chastity. From here on out, Chastity will be known as Bowman Gray Barbie (BGB).

So, back to the dinner... Jonathan is quickly smitten by BGB, and Junior and his crew proceed to talk to her about her favorite driver at the track. She claims to be Burt Myers' biggest fan, something we all know to be false as I am the biggest fan of Burt. BGB makes the statement to the guys that she could be persuaded to cheer for someone else; this is something that a true Burt Myers fan would never say. #1 fan point goes to me. BGB also says that she doesn't need Burt Myers' wife hating her anymore so maybe she'll root for Jonathan. Again, a true Burt Myers fan would never interfere in someone's marriage. I may love the guy, but I also respect that he has a wife and children. Another #1 fan point goes to me. At one point in the dinner BGB makes a joke about giving a table dance. Hmm... what could I say about this comment? It's too easy. Oh please, serve me up some hush puppies and pit cooked BBQ while your hooey looey is in my face. I'm thinking if I have a problem with pit hair, I'm going to have a problem with the table dance.

On to Junior's house where we watch him and his wife, the career smoker, decide to make healthy changes in their lives due to Junior's high cholesterol. Kim, Junior's wife, throws away all unhealthy food from the fridge, leaving Junior saddened and without his beloved ice cream. They make an agreement that if Kim quits smoking, Junior will give her $50 a day for life. They also agree to spend 30 minutes apiece on the world's smallest personal treadmill every day.

I'm going to wager that that treadmill is currently either
A) a clothes rack
B) on the curb for bulky item pick up.

We get to see Junior walking on the treadmill, in socks, while his wife lights up a smoke and watches. That's good; there's nothing I want more while exercising, in socks, than to smell a Virginia Slim. I also started to wonder if the tube sock used to draw places at the race track came from Junior's foot. These are questions I'm afraid I'll never know the answer to.

On to the happiest place on earth -- the Myers garage. Burt's engine has lived its life, and Jason is forced to let Burt use his extra engine. The brothers show that they are willing to help one another, even though it may not be their favorite thing to do. Those boys will always do what's right to stand by their families. Good for them.

We also met Austin Pack this week. Austin is the son of Brian Pack, a Bowman Gray race car driver who died in 2008 after wrecking his motorcycle in an accident in Walkertown. Austin is 16 years old and wants so bad to race like his dad. It was a good storyline to follow this family. Austin's grandpa, Gene Pack, has been a racer at Bowman Gray for years. Austin did fairly well for his first race at the Madhouse.... he finished ahead of Junior. How ya like them apples?

On to race day. It's double points night and we all know that means excitement. These are generally the most exciting nights at the track in the summer. Burt quickly moves from 12th to first and holds on to the lead from Jonathan Brown. Jonathan is angry and complains to race officials that Burt jumped the final restart. Look Jonathan, you snooze you lose. Burt wins, and it's a big victory for him.

In the pits after the race, Jonathan is waiting for Chastity to come by and visit him, and instead we find her over in Burt's pit getting her shirt signed while Burt's wife looks on with a scowl. Scowl away Mrs. Myers, that girl is nothing but trouble. In fact, if you want to hire me as a bodyguard I will keep her away.

Until next week...

Junior, having noticed the new, HIDEOUS blonde highlights in his crew chief's hair: "BJ (Junior's dog) didn't catch you sleeping and pee on your head did he?"
- KT

Speaking of civic duty...

The four in my household are counted. 12 more people and we'll have paid for a library book!

United States Census 2010

This is your chance to live at Arbor Acres!

Well, for an hour or so...

As you may recall, I was once a victim.

City of Winston-Salem Office of Emergency Management
Arbor Acres


I don't need it to tell me what my nose already knows: pollen season has definitely begun. That said, the Daily Pollen Report from the Department of Environmental Affairs offers up the gory details of what's in the air as well as the pollen forecast for the next three days. Friday's report helpfully told me I might want to consider taking a Claritin this lovely Monday morning, for today's pollen count is predicted to enter the HIGH range.

Daily Pollen Report
Subscribe via email
Forsyth County Department of Environmental Affairs

Local Mediæval

The Wake Forest University Museum of Anthropology
Death in Medieval London:
The Black Plague of 1349

a lecture by
Dr. Sharon N. DeWitte, University of Albany, SUNY
Thursday, March 18, 2010
7:00 PM
at the Museum of Anthropology
Admission is FREE

The 14th-century Black Death was one of the most devastating epidemics in human history. It killed tens of millions of Europeans and caused social, demographic, and economic changes throughout the continent. Dr. Sharon N. DeWitte, a biological anthropologist at the University at Albany, SUNY, will present her research on mortality patterns and reactions to the epidemic in London using a Black Death mass burial ground.

WFU Museum of Anthropology

Mine, Thine, Wine

Still for sale: this gorgeous stone bungalow and vineyard in Lewisville

New on the rack:
North Carolina Winepress, a magazine "that explores North Carolina’s finest wines, cuisine, and travel destinations," edited by my dear friend, Lauren, previously of Winston-Salem Monthly and a native of this fair city.

The first issue is just what I expected: gorgeous, crisp, and full of wonderful finds from throughout the great state of Cackalacky.

Read the April/May issue online
North Carolina Winepress
Winston-Salem Monthly

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Meet Frankie

photo credit: FCAC

Hurtling through time and space

"What's this?" He's holding the envelope from the middle school.

"It came while you were on your trip. Open it. Let's see."

While he reads the letter, I consider his neck. It looks almost too delicate to hold up that shaggy head.



"It's an invitation to a preview night. In May. But what's this?"

His finger, once tiny and perpetually grasping for mine, is huge now as it simultaneously points and blocks.

"Honey, move your finger so I can see... Oh."

I sigh.

"Summer work packet means work you need to do before the school year begins. Like homework. It's not bad, promise."

I wait for the protest. Instead he nods, then yawns.

"You're still pretty tired. You didn't get home until really late last night, and we turn the clocks forward tonight. You need to go to bed early, OK?"

He nods again, then leans against me, and I wonder how much of this agreeability is physical exhaustion and how much is emotional; the trip was hours late returning because a classmate suffered a severe allergic reaction at dinner, paramedics were called, the student transported and admitted to the hospital. This only weeks after another fifth grader was diagnosed with leukemia.

"Mommy?" My heart sings when he forgets his new maturity and calls me this.

"Yes, baby."

"I love you."

I have to go up on my toes and lift his moppy hair to kiss his forehead. "I love you, too."

My boy.

Friday, March 12, 2010

To and Afro

works by
Tracy and Mike Lindenthal

opening March 13th
7-9 PM

Dye Pretty Salon
431 West End Boulevard

No idea what Tracy does, but between the show's title and this snippet from Carolina Arts - Mike Lindenthal of Winston Salem, uses clay, fabric, wood, and other materials to make exotic looking dolls and other figural sculptures whose physical appearance, hairstyles, and clothing are based on those of Japanese Kabuki dancers, Ninja warriors, Coptic priests, and Rastafarians - I'm frankly giddy. If Tracy works in felt, I will positively swoon.

Dye Pretty Salon
Carolina Arts

Awesome sauce!

In spite of the fact that I left Krankies at 9:15 AND there was a serious accident at Five Points (paramedics and fire department on scene), I still made it here by 9:30 to begin my shift as a Judge at the WSFCS middle school competition, "Battle of the Books". I love this town's traffic infrastructure!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

And I mean EXACT...

First person to correctly identify the location in comments wins a sticker featuring my Shell station photo.

My baby! (sob)

I left the oldest at school at 6 AM this morning for the long-anticipated, fifth grade overnight field trip.

I remember my own sixth grade class trip. We went camping for two nights. We had tablets to put in the water in our canteens and powdered orange Tang to diminish the tang of the tablets. We all watched Karl C., the class diabetic, give himself an insulin shot, and Ronnie N. sweated through his shirt while we were hiking, earning him the secret nickname of Wet Ronnie. (Nobody dared say it to his face, he being a good hundred fifty pounds at age 12.)

On an unrelated note, I believe the photo above features the highest concentration of Protective Yellow Bars since this post.

I love this

Always straightforward, Carmella had a way of being direct and piercing, with a unique wisdom. She adored her grandmother Rosena, but Carmella was fiercely committed to her mother, Sandra and brother, Marcus (her hero). The three were a force to be reckoned with, always loving, laughing, and living life with passionate intensity.

Whoever writes the obituaries over at Russell is my hero.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Better late than never when it comes to...


Have no fear, Madhouse fans... I'm late, but I'm here. You'll have to excuse my tardiness, as I now have a new work schedule and am trying to adjust my body clock to working well into the night.

So, on to the good stuff...

I need to start out by asking... how many shirts that discuss Moonshine does a person need? I've survived 32 years of life without owning one shirt that says Moonshine but Jason Myers cannot say the same thing. I have seen Jason Myers in at least 4 different t-shirts that have some sort of reference to Moonshine. Has anyone ever tasted Moonshine? If you have, the only thing you'll be needing the Moonshine t-shirt for is to wipe the vomit chunks from your mouth once you've puked after tasting it. Enough said about that.

My first complaint about this episode is that my "boyfriend"/favorite driver, Burt Myers, was barely shown. That's like making me watch a George Clooney movie without showing me George Clooney. And yes, I just compared George Clooney and Burt Myers. I am a true Southern girl; I just ate a Little Debbie oatmeal cookie for breakfast.

This episode focused on Jason Myers and his quest to seek a win and a balance between his family life and his race life. Jason's daughter had a dance recital at the same time as qualifying for this week's race. Jason had to choose which he could do or if it was possible for him to do both. I have to say kudos to Mrs. Jason Myers for using her dancing daughter, Emma, to lure Jason to the recital. Who tells an adorable 7-year-old begging you to come watch her dance that you can't be there? I'll tell you who... Diablo. That's the only person I can think of.

Jason wins the pole and makes it to his daughter's dance recital. He shows that he has a true commitment to his racing and to his family and I give him credit for working long hours and a hard job to make ends meet and still do what's right and what he loves.

On to Junior. We followed Junior as he went to collect back rent from a tenant in a trailer he owns. The woman hadn't paid rent in 4 months. When we arrive at the trailer, I too shake my head. Walking to the trailer Junior trips and nearly falls... which I find hilarious because when people trip, it's funny.

Junior's tenant answers the door at what I'm guessing was about lunchtime on a weekday in gray cotton sweatpants, a sweatshirt and hair that looked like she'd been riding on the back of a coyote. Hey, Junior, if your tenant is answering the door in sweats at 11AM on a Tuesday, I'm guessing work is not something in her day planner, and you probably should have rented to someone else. I think it's fair to say that she's not taking a sick day when it looks like the contents of her house are actually in the yard rather than the house. The woman/burden on the government slams the door in Junior's face and he leaves saying he's going to go get the Sheriff to evict her.

Fast forward 10 days... Junior returns with the Sheriff to boot the woman out of the trailer. She loads up all her worldly belongings into her '88, two-toned Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme (a car near and dear to my heart, and those who knew me in high school know why) and sped off. Her trunk wouldn't shut, and the only window she could see out of was the one to her left that allowed egress for her Virginia Slim. Junior really knows how to pick 'em.

Tim Brown got a new sequined jump suit, oops, I mean "race suit" this week. He was posing in the mirror like he was Paris Hilton and the paparazzi. Give me a break. I have never seen a person oozing with more cockiness than 10 minutes ago when I was looking at myself in the mirror doing my daily "KT is better than everyone" affirmations.

The race got rained out this week, and so drivers had an extra week to get their cars ready for a 100 lap race. Drivers were once again forced to draw for position from the dirty tube sock. Tim Brown draws the pole. The race starts and Junior quickly gives Jason Myers his weekly dose of bumping, causing Jason to spin out and finish 15th overall. Why does Junior bother even racing if all he does every week is wreck people? They have about 4 demolition derbies each year at Bowman Gray. Enter a derby and crash all you want, Junior.

Tim Brown and Jonathan Brown are challenging each other most of the race. Jonathan was looking for his first modified win and Tim Brown was trying to hang on to his large points lead. Jonathan took the lead with 85 laps to go, only to find that Tim Brown and his new jump suit steal it back and win the race.

Chris Fleming nearly gets into a fight in the pits after the race. For a man claiming he is so close to Jesus, he certainly is quick to throw a haymaker. I'm pretty sure Jesus didn't walk around tossing right hooks when he had a disagreement with someone.

That's a wrap... until next week.

Here's your Madhouse Quote of the Week...
Junior's newly evicted soccer mom: "He's a slumlord, that's all Junior Miller is, a slumlord!"

(This week wasn't the best for memorable quotes.)


Wanted: local pedicure recs. Suffice it to say while I found my rockstar gladiator sandals, my feet are in no shape to wear them.

I need more than a pretty, little polish job. It's entirely possible that I require sandblasting.

Tell me where, peeps.


Nothing says Welcome, Spring! quite like the crocuses (croci?) and onion grass currently growing in our yard. Hey, speaking of spring, I highlighted something below just for you. No pressure, but all the cool kids are doing it, it will make you popular, what are you, chicken?

The Library is again pleased to announce a series of informative gardening programs throughout spring presented in partnership with the Forsyth County Cooperative Extension Service.

All programs will be presented by Master Gardener volunteers and Extension Agents of the Forsyth County Cooperative Extension Service and are FREE to the public.

To register for an upcoming program please call 703-2867.

This year's lineup features the following programs:
  • Attracting Birds to Landscape
  • Carolina Yards and Neighborhoods
  • Community Gardening 101
  • Backyard Chickens
  • Growing Small Fruits in the Landscape
  • Growing Roses
  • Beginning Vegetable Gardening
  • Organic Gardening
  • Container Gardening
  • Low Maintenance Gardening
  • Landscaping for Curb Appeal
  • Managing Your Pests
  • From Trash to Treasure
  • Lilies and Daylilies
  • Growing Herbs
  • Low Cost Home Maintenance
  • Rain Gardens and Rainwater Harvesting 101

  • Complete schedule of gardening programs
    Forsyth County Cooperative Extension Service
    Forsyth County Public Library

    Local this weekend

    Art Tasting
    "The Nina Variations"
    Friday, March 12th
    and Saturday, March 13th
    7:30pm both evenings
    Gallery of the Arts

    In this funny, fierce and heartbreaking homage to THE SEAGULL, Steven Dietz puts Chekhov's star-crossed lovers in a room and doesn't let them out. In forty-three variations on their famous final scene, Nina (a young actress) and Treplev (a young writer), pit their vibrant wit and soaring passions against one another in a fast-paced tour de force of romantic entanglement.

    $10 general admission. Seating is limited. Tickets may be purchased in advance by calling 793-8000 or in person at the Gallery of the Arts (411 W. Fourth Street).

    Gallery of the Arts
    Art Tasting bloggage

    Tuesday, March 09, 2010

    I chaperoned

    The first grade visited the Natural Science Center of Greensboro today. The youngest very much enjoyed the opportunity to do some goat-brushing. (My boy.)

    Raid the attic!

    On Saturday, March 13th, from 10 AM - 3 PM, the Friends of the Lewisville Library will hold their annual Antiques Appraisal Fair fundraiser.

    Antique dealers from throughout North Carolina will be on hand at the Lewisville Branch to do appraisals.

    Lewisville Friends members can have three items appraised for $10.00. Non-members can have two items appraised for $10.00.

    Items must be brought into the Library; no parking lot appraisals will be given. Gold and silver items will be appraised and an offer made to buy on site.

    A security guard will be on the premises.

    Tickets may be purchased at the door.

    Lewisville Branch library

    Monday, March 08, 2010

    Ace Hardware, Robinhood Road

    This is brilliant weather for Nonsense Garden planning. I'm not sure if I'm most excited about the puffballish Teddy Bear Sunflowers, the Mammoth Grey Stripe Sunflowers (8-10 feet tall!) or the Luffa Sponge Gourds.

    Or maybe it's just that it's wonderful not to feel cold in my bones anymore.

    The Dessertery

    This spinach salad is remarkably well-lit considering the power is out here and, rumor has it, everywhere from Ardmore to West End.

    Extra! Extra! Read all about it!


    Esbette and I are forced to go out-of-county to meet our DSW cravings. Gladiator sandals or bust!

    UPDATE: Ridiculously awesome and surprisingly comfortable gladiators located and acquired. These, in silver.

    DSW, nearest location all the way in Greensboro, alas

    Sunday, March 07, 2010


    Available: local herd of goats

    A very enjoyable read: The Ten Commandments of Goat Raising, from Buffalo Creek Farm in Germanton.

    Covet, covet, covet: the local lookers shown below, aka "Mr. Bojangles and the Girls". I met their owner Friday morning and tried rather unsuccessfully not to squee with glee when she told me that among other things, she kept chickens.

    Then she motioned to a shopping bag by her side. I peered in and EGGS, Y'ALL. EGGS. On the Shopping Bag Pyramid of Goodness, farm-fresh eggs are on the same level as enormous hats and Dixie Classic rosettes!

    Anyway, meet her chickens, whose arrival in my inbox set me a-reeling anew: