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Friday, December 31, 2010

Phonophoto of the day

The youngest's second favorite Christmas gift was a set of pirate figures with sweet pirate fort.

His first favorite, though was a cooking set: a child-size apron I found for dirt cheap at IKEA, 2 children's cookbooks* from Edward McKay, his own set of plastic measuring spoons on a ring which he wears like the clack-clackiest bracelet ever, and a $10 Lowes Foods giftcard, which item he has habitually begged for for EVERY SINGLE TIME we grocery shopped this year.

This morning he declared that tonight's festivities deserve a cake, a simple vanilla one. It's cooling now, soon to be sprinkled with powdered sugar and sprigged with mint and berries. If we make it all the way to midnight, we'll start the new year with a sweet taste in our mouths; if not, we'll start tomorrow with my mother's ultimate cinnamon toast, which calls for cake.

Wherever you are tonight, may you feel loved and well-fed.

Happy New Year!

* Last night he helped me make beef stroganoff out of this international cookbook: recommend, recommend, recommend. The other one was this historical cookbook, which looks fantastic; he's been poring over it repeatedly. Both offer ample amounts of background information and factoids.
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