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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Local Loss

(Totally off-topic, but Esbette's wedding featured an incredibly loud bagpiper. And there was an infant present, and the baby - male or female, I know not - slept through the entire ceremony. I mean never stirred, never woke, nada. It began to make me twitch in a sort of Seinfeldesque way, where at first I was just kinda like, "Huh", but by the end I was more like OH FOR GOODNESS SAKE SHIFT AND MEWL AT LEAST. And the baby never did. And here it is months later, and now it's like a Pavlovian response I have that I see a bagpiper in a totally different setting and feel instantly disconcerted and utterly distracted because of that baby that was too quiet. Insane, I tell you.)

Speaking of for better or for worse: The Winston-Salem Journal

Oh, hey, look! Another departure!

update, 9:58 PM: The video's been removed, though I can't fathom why, as it was sort of a heartfelt goodbye and thank you to the copy editors with a dash of incredulity and sorrow thrown in. As you can no doubt surmise from the above, like Esbette's wedding it also featured a bagpiWAKE UP AND CRY ALREADY THIS IS UNNATURAL.

update, 2:40 PM Monday: ...And it's back. Yay, freedom of expression!
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