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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Local Duck Calls

On a warm evening when I was five or six, my father took me to Wolf Trap, an open air concert hall outside of Washington. The absence of streetlights and traffic sounds made the towering, wooden venue seem especially deserving of reverence, and my memories of that night still have a hushed, dreamlike quality. What I do remember is that beside my father, I leaned forward as onstage, the narrator introduced Peter and the Wolf, presenting each instrument's sound and explaining how each represented a different animal. Then I sat back and stared into the dark as the story unfolded in music.

In my mind, the oboe will forever equal the duck.

The Carolina Chamber Symphony Players
Old Salem Museums & Garden
Peter and the Wolf
Thursday, December 30
11 AM & 1 PM
Gray Auditorium, Old Salem Visitor Center

Peter and the Wolf will be narrated by Lesley Hunt with music performed by the Carolina Chamber Symphony Players’ Wind Quintet and Percussion. Each character in Peter and the Wolf has a particular instrument and musical theme. The December 30 performances will feature Elizabeth Ransom on flute, Anna Lampidis on oboe, Ron Rudkin on clarinet, Joe Mount playing horn, Saxton Rose playing bassoon and Beverly Naiditch on percussion.

Tickets for Peter and the Wolf are $5 general admission. For more information and to purchase tickets, please call (336) 721-7350. Tickets also will available at the door on December 30.

Carolina Chamber Symphony Players

Old Salem
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