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Thursday, December 30, 2010

It's a Small World Afterall

The Winston-Salem Police Department will have extra police officers on duty on New Year’s Eve and is reminding residents that it is illegal to discharge firearms within the city limits.

Every year the Police Department responds to multiple calls of discharged firearms on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, said Officer Jonathan Lewis of the Crime Prevention Unit. "Discharging firearms, even into the air, is prohibited by the city code," Lewis said. "Each year we take reports of damage to homes and vehicles from falling bullets, and there is always the chance that a falling bullet could hurt someone."

... And every year I hear or see them -- snide comments about these local reminders. Mainly coming from those raised elsewhere and/or directed toward those living elsewhere, the general theme seems to be Oh, wow... can you believe I live among these gun-toting rednecks?

GREAT NEWS! You are welcome to skedaddle!

How about Riviera Beach, Florida, just up the coast from Palm Beach, where Lilly Pulitzer picks the exact shade of red for necks each season?

Or Long Beach, California, with all the surfing hicks?

How about Detroit?

Yuma? I hear they're very zen in Arizona.

Have you considered Los Angeles? You could become a star!

If you really want to take your act on the road, you could even venture overseas: Manila, Phillipines! (Apparently law enforcement itself is the problem there.)

Announcement: this ill advised gun-shooting at midnight thing occurs in many places. Please stop casting aspersions and/or stereotypes because of an advisory that happens all over the country.

Besides, it could be worse. You could be dealing with paper lanterns in paradise. Oh, those Hawaiians!
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