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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Shop Local

Hey, boys and girls! It's that time of year again...

Shop Local!

Seemingly everyone is still adrift in the same boat for the third year running - the leaky one called No Money, Honey. Accordingly, on weekdays between now and Christmas I'll be profiling gift ideas, all of which will be

a. available in locally-owned shops

b. for ten dollars or less.

Every gift idea may not strike your fancy, but hopefully they will get you thinking - about supporting local businesses, about giving smaller but still personal gifts, about shopping smarter.

As always, there's a list of local stores' websites in the righthand column. If you know of any I've missed, email me, and I will happily add to the list.

Regrettably, prices and stock levels may fluctuate; as always, all information is deemed reliable but is not guaranteed.

Today's gift: roosting pockets! Give either the brown teardrop or the hive to your favorite backyard bird admirer! Both lovely avian residences feature smart designs that simultaneously stand out and blend harmoniously with natural surroundings; all aboard the dichotomy rollercoaster, wheeee! Handy hanging loops are also perfect for pretty red ribbons -- wrapping hint!

$6.99 apiece at L.A. Reynolds Garden Showcase, 4400 Styers Ferry Road, Winston-Salem
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