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Friday, November 12, 2010

Local Hero Needed ASAP

Marvin is a neutered beagle pup who has been enjoying the amenities of Forsyth County Animal Control for the last six days.

Then this, on Craigslist:
Someone please go to the animal shelter and save this poor dog. I know Marvin, I live in the same neighborhood as the people who used to have Marvin. I had not seen him in a while so I check the animal shelter site this morning and sure enough, there he was.

Marvin has been tied in their backyard since they brought him home. The poor dog was out there during thunderstorms, freezing temperatures, and snow. He is the sweetest boy and he needs a family who will appreciate him and play with him, not just tie him out back and ignore him.

Someone please, please save him.
Disclaimer: I have no idea if that information is true or not. What I do know is OHMIGOODWESS WHO'S A SHWEET PUDDIN FACE PUPPY? YOU ARE, MARVY, YOU ARE!

Y'all, someone go adopt him, please. Then let me know about it, because I will personally give a $25 PetSmart giftcard to the blessed new owner so that Marvin can have some ridiculously cute doggie accessories to go with his ridiculously cute doggie eyes.
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