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Thursday, November 04, 2010


This was forwarded to me by four different people.
Word is out: If you are running/walking in the Buena Vista area, we wanted to give you the heads up that there is a wacko harassing women. He drives up, stops his car and stares. New gray Honda Accord, (redacted), caucasian male. WSPD is aware of the issue but need to catch him in the act. They are patrolling the area and have unmarked cars on the lookout. Be careful, stay safe! Darn wackos out there....
I removed the plate number.

I'm not sure what WSPD is supposed to be waiting to catch him in the act of. Stopping? Staring? It's creepy, but I'm not sure it's illegal.

Then again, I wasn't a fan of the white van justice posse either.

My position is the never-wavering, be aware of your surroundings always but go on with your life one.
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