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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Happy Little Local

Things I'm smiling about:

1. The Forsyth County Animal Shelter has started taking outdoor photographs of cats and dogs available for adoption! Hurray! Florescent lighting is the friend of no one, man or beast, and the rup-rups and kittehs look a kablillion times less shelter-scarred now. For goodness sake, check out Jeter over there! He is glowing with adoptability!

2. Edward McKay put a new section within the kids' section for medal-ed books! Now it's super-easy to find awesome reading material for the oldest; I was in and out in like 5 minutes today! Not that I plan to whip in and out every time, but now I can spend more time looking for books to assist the youngest in his quest to be the absolute authority in matters historical and arcane via obscure non-fiction tomes. Easy to read? Well-loved by judges, critics, and the public? Bah! He scoffs at that book!

3. He does, however, love opera. Classical music is wonderful, please turn it up so I feel like I'm sitting in the violin, Mommy, but opera is HANDS DOWN his thing, sending him into a rapturelike state. One evening I drove all over town for an hour and a half with a trunk full of groceries, because when we got in the car and turned on the radio, the Barber of Seville was on.

And while we cannot attend this concert, it being too late on a school night when he has to be on his game at CompRehab the following day, I'm so glad to live in a city where events like this take place.

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