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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Phonophoto of the day

Old Salem, last night

Trick-or-treating in Old Salem was tremendous fun. I'm ever so hopeful that the Powers That Be will make it an annual event, because I feel like it could easily become a local holiday tradition. It was picturesque, it was festive, and yet the children seemed -- if you can believe it -- almost calmed by the setting, behaving brilliantly and a bit like star-struck guests at a fancy party.

At one of the private homes, a gentleman was giving out freshly baked sugar cookies, and I nearly squealed with retro-glee, remembering candy apples and homemade caramels from my childhood trick-or-treatings.

Y'all have fun tonight, be it in Ardmore, your own 'hood, or elsewhere.

Happy Halloween!
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