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Friday, October 29, 2010

Local cool gift idea

I wish my father was still alive to do this. He had all these simultaneously fantastic/wretched stories about growing up in Winston-Salem during the 1920s and 30s, the kind that are awful at the time but fabulous in the retelling years later. This is loathsome to admit, but every time someone in the extended family died, I'd get a little excited because I knew Daddy and his brothers would break out their wonderful tales at the food table after the service. Our family funerals might have started with tears, but they always ended in laughter and incredulity and love.

For those on a tight budget or just looking for a truly special gift, StoryLine offers the perfect way to say "happy holidays" to a family member or friend with a holiday-wrapped CD of your own story – FREE!

StoryLine’s Holiday Gift of Story recording sessions are held on the StoryLine Bus, a state-of-the-art mobile recording studio at the ECHO Network office (American Red Cross building, 690 Coliseum) through mid-December.

Individuals are given 40 minutes of uninterrupted recording time to preserve a snapshot of their lives: the happiest moment, an early memory, their proudest accomplishment, tales of romance, struggle, or perhaps some wisdom gained through a particular experience. A StoryLine facilitator is on site to assist individuals as they record their story.

Immediately following their recording session, participants receive their personal story on a CD – FREE – plus StoryLine’s 1 Year – 100 Stories, a compilation CD featuring 12 stories from our community.

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