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Thursday, October 14, 2010


Occupational Therapist: Good job! OK, now we're done bouncing the ball. It's time to go to the handwriting room.

Youngest (grumbling): I don't want to.

OT: Follow me. We have to work on handwriting.

Youngest: Why? Why do we have to work on handwriting?

OT: Because it's hard for you, and we need to work on things that are hard for you.

Youngest: Well, skydiving's hard for me, too. When are we going to work on that?

- FIN -

The above exchange took place today during the youngest's occupational therapy, the comedic highlight of a session during which I was told he will also need to be seen by the Physical Therapist and be fitted for ankle-foot orthotics, because God forbid we start checking off items instead of adding more blasted things to the list. It's not even like it's ridiculously minor; when the PT pointed out what she was seeing, all I could think was, "He's eight years old; how did I miss this?"

Sorry. I'm feeling like an abject failure as a mother today.
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