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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Speaking of Día de los Muertos...

We were speaking of that, weren't we? If not we should have been, for once upon a time my calavera doorstop entry was snubbed by the Dixie Classic judges* in spite of being muy artistic and original. I'm still recovering. (Hold me!)

One day, mis amigos, one day!

The Day of the Dead: The Creation and Transformation of a Mexican National Symbol
a lecture and discussion at the Museum of Anthropology
Wake Forest University
Thursday, September 30
7 PM

In conjunction with MOA’s annual Days of the Dead exhibit, Dr. Stanley Brandes, Professor of Anthropology at the University of California, Berkeley, will discuss how tourism has helped shape the Day of the Dead tradition in Mexico. This event is FREE.

* I am sad to announce that, alas, this year's entry didn't reach completion in time -- something about humidity and how long concrete takes to dry. Also about procrastination. But mostly about concrete. ¡Perdóname!

Museum of Anthropology, WFU
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