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Monday, September 20, 2010

Phonophoto of the day

I understand the rest of the world has different names for these things collectively called "months", but my internal calendar goes like this:
  • Snow Showers Mean Lanie Pope Spaz-Outs
  • The Room Moms Need Heart Shaped Doilies
  • I'm Not Irish
  • Drat, I Forgot to Plant Daffodils Again This Year
  • Good News, The Mosquitos Haven't Eaten The Fireflies Yet
  • School's Out, Let's Go Creekstomping
  • The Youngest Is A Yankee Doodle Dandy
  • If The Lawn is Brown And Crunchy It Must Be Time To Go To The Beach
  • Fine, Inhale The Aroma Of New Pink Pearl Erasers But Please Don't Let The Kids See
  • Did The Pilgrims Eat Tacos
  • Let's Make Gingerbread Cookies Every Single Day
THE MONTH OF AUTUMNAL GOODNESS is just around the corner, and the requisite accoutrements for reaching maximum fest levels are popping up locally. I cannot wait!
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