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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Low 90s and Sunny

The youngest and I walked home from his school today. On the way we discussed (among other things) differences in pine cone sizes, "speedy drivers", and the wonderfully patriotic red, white and blue reminders on the storm sewers.

The storm sewer system was designed to remove rainwater quickly for city streets to prevent flooding our yards and roadways. Anything that goes into a storm drain goes directly through a large pipe to the closest creek or stream. So keep yard waste, used motor oil, pet waste, litter, or any soap or chemical from entering the storm drain system.
Report Polluters

We need your help! Please report anyone you spot putting anything which should not go into a storm drain by calling the Stormwater Pollution Hotline 747-7480. In addition, please report any creek or stream that has an unusual smell or appearance!

City of Winston-Salem, Stormwater Division
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