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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Local PSA

You lucky ducky!

You are the proud owner of an out-of-state residence! Or your parents are! Or your in-laws! Or your old friend from college!

Is it a beach house? Time share? Mountain abode? NO MATTER! The only important thing is it has an out-of-state address you can claim as your primary (even though, har-har-har, it's not), which means... (drumroll, please)

Congratulations! You found a loophole to that pesky NC motor vehicle property tax! WOOHOO, LUCKY YOU!

Do me a favor, though: don't put your kids in NC public schools. I'd also appreciate it if you forwent voting in municipal and NC state elections. And no library card, capisci?

It may at times be legal to use the resources of a state whose taxes one is avoiding, but one thing it sure as sugar is not is ethical.

And I, for one, notice.
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