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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Barnes & Noble, Hanes Mall Boulevard

I absolutely loathe the recent trend of bookstores selling a whole lot of not-actually-a-book-or-even-related-to-a-book items. That said, I am a fan of these plates. They remind me of those metal shavings and magnet faces (Wooly Willy?) we had growing up.

My mother used to distribute those during the long cartrips to Maine in desperate yet ultimately futile attempts to keep my brother and I from amusing ourselves by tormenting the other. Inevitably by about, oh, The Garden State Parkway, my mother would be white-knuckling the steering wheel and growling through gritted teeth, "Nobody is to touch anyone, reach toward anyone, look at anyone or even BREATHE at anyone," the last being a direct address to my brother who delighted in exhaling loudly in my direction until I shrieked.

Ah, good times. Gooood times.
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