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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Asia Cottom

Nine years ago today, Asia Cottom died in the 9-11 attacks.

I did not know her.

But her sweet, smiling face in the Washington Post in the days thereafter, coupled with her young age - eleven, seared her into my heart. And each September 11th since, she has come to mind.

I think of her boarding that plane, her first ever, to go on that special field trip she earned through her own hard work, a once in a lifetime opportunity, an incredible success story for a child coming up through DC's public schools. Inevitably my thoughts turn to how confused she must have been when the hijack became evident, how scared.

And then.

This morning I realized that as of this year, the oldest is older than Asia Cottom. Every then-three year old is, which seems impossible to me. I cannot imagine how much more unfathomable it must seem to Asia Cottom's mother.

And so on this anniversary I'll think of Mrs. Cottom, too, I think.
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