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Friday, August 06, 2010

Time magazine once described him as a "veteran birder"

He could rattle off scientific names and classifications with ease, tell a trill from a warble from a coo like nobody's business. You mentioned an unidentified bird at your own peril, because you were expected to have noted wingspan, beak shape, exact colors of plumage (you have no idea how many shades of brown there really are), neck banding (if any), height at which spotted, altitude at which spotted, and how the bird acted. Fluttery? Hoppy? Darting?

If my father were still alive, I'd be taking him to this tomorrow night.

For the Birds: A Gulf Wildlife Benefit Concert
Saturday, August 7
7 o'clock in the evening
Brendle Recital Hall, Scales
Wake Forest University
Suggested donation of $25 at the door to benefit Audubon Society

Featuring a world premier by composer Kenneth Frazelle, as well as a concert by violinist Aaron LaVallee, pianist Nancy Johnston, cellist Louise Grevin, singer Haley Dreis and dancer Dephina Parenti.

Proceeds benefit the National Audubon Society's relief work in the Gulf oil spill.

National Audubon Society
Wake Forest University
Time magazine
(my father's at the bottom of page 1)
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