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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Something Lovely Happened Yesterday

It wouldn't have surprised me twenty years ago, but I'm sad to say it certainly surprises me now.

I took the oldest to a birthday party out towards Pfafftown. While we were waiting at the red light at Yadkinville and Shattalon, a car stalled mid-intersection while turning left. For a good minute and a half, the driver turned the key again and again. About halfway through that time, the light changed. Finally she got it started, continued her turn, and went on her way.

During that time nobody honked. Nobody tried to go around her. In fact, nobody went through the intersection at all.

Everyone just waited. It was lovely. And it reminded me utterly of a print that hung in our house in Maine labeled A Southern Intersection, showing four gentlemen who've reached a fourway intersection, each man atop a horsecart, doffing his top hat in a gesture to the others that clearly implores them to please go first.
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