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Monday, August 16, 2010

So this could be cool...

So there's this new program called Online School Payment being tested in some (unfortunately not all) of the schools in the WSFCS. It allows parents to pay fees for activities, field trips, and other school expenditures from their own computers.

Unfortunately it is not currently "deployed" (their word, not mine) in any of the elementary schools, which is a shame, because wow, do the little fees pop up constantly during those years.

I can't quite muddle out how the schools were selected for "deployment", as seemingly every high school except Mount Tabor is listed. Five or so of the middle schools are also "not mustering" (this one is mine!).

I do wonder who is paying for this and how. Do the schools have to raise the numbers to cover the cost, or are the parents who use the service coughing up convenience fees?

WSFCS Online School Payment
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