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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Local Garden Goodness

West Salem Garden Club
2010 Cottage Garden Tour
Saturday, August 7th
11 AM - 5 PM

The Cottage Garden Tour, sponsored every other year by the West Salem Garden Club, is one of the many ways in which the neighborhood expresses the importance of preserving neighborhood values. This, the seventh year of the tour, there will be 12 gardens presented, with the gardeners there to greet guests and show them around, answering questions about how their gardens evolved. Eight of the 12 gardens have never been on the tour before so past visitors will be in for a treat as well! In addition, the West Salem Community Garden, in its sixth year, will be a “walk-by” on the tour. And as an extra added attraction, there is private vegetable garden located in the 600 block of Broad Street, which will also be a “walk-by.”

Tickets are $10 each, and are available at:

Magnolia House of Health, 601 S Broad Street
Imagine Flowers Inc, 560 N Trade Street
Ruff's Flower & Gifts, 412 S Poplar Street

On the day of the tour, tickets can be purchased at Magnolia House of Health.

description of gardens
West Salem Neighborhood Association
Magnolia House of Health
Imagine Flowers
Ruff's Flower & Gift Shop
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