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Thursday, August 12, 2010

I walked 40 miles through snow. Barefoot.

rec'd today from WSFCS:

Transportation Information
For 2010/2011 School Year
August 2010

Dear Parent/Guardian:

As you have seen from media coverage, this will be a very difficult budget year for the school system. There will be significant cutbacks in funding, and the Transportation Department is affected by these cuts like every other department. We are trying very hard to find ways to maintain as many services as we can, but some adjustments are inevitable. Consequently, we find it necessary to reduce the daily miles driven by our fleet by a significant percentage. We drive approximately 38,000+ miles per day, and have been asked to scale that back by 3,000 miles per day. The only way to do so while maintaining our program service level is to consolidate or remove some bus stops and move them out to main streets whenever possible. This will result in a longer walk to the bus stop for some students. We regret that we have to take this action, but we have no choice due to funding levels. We regret any inconvenience that this might cause to your student.

My father was an economist, my mother a math teacher, so they never missed an opportunity to break down global and national fluctuations to me in ways I could understand. This seems like a perfect economics teaching opportunity.

Plus it will give today's students stories to exaggerate for future generations. You know, about how hard life was way back now.

WSFCS Department of Transportation
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