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Friday, August 06, 2010

I can't even write the headline for this one

The crazy accident that will befall me and take my life nearly happened today.

Walking the oldest to the car this morning, the driveway suddenly went all slidey on me. I had to do mad whirlies with my arms to save myself! YOU WERE THIS CLOSE TO LOSING ME.

When I looked down, I saw all these greenish, tiny, smooshy pellets of doom. It looked (but thankfully didn't smell) like some sort of excrement, but there was so much of it, on the driveway, on our cars, there would have had to be like 4000 birds all lumped together to produce such... such... production! 4000 birds who'd eaten entirely too many Fiber One bars!

When I got home, I got out the hose and power nozzle and started to rinse it away. That's when I saw them. Then I knew.

I almost got taken out by caterpillar pooe, y'all.

(WHY? WHY must there be a kablillion caterpillars in my neighbor's tree that overhangs our driveway?)
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