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Thursday, July 08, 2010

Local Store of Mystery!

Yesterday evening en route to Edward McKay I spotted a new awning in the Towers shopping center (where SpaceSavers is).

1. re: the logo. My first thought was, "That would make an excellent bookplate image," which I assume was because I had books on the brain being as I was, as I said, on my way to McKay's, which is my very favoritest bookmonger in town. (Seriously, you should see how they mong those books!)

2. re: the website, however. Is it over? Did we miss The Trunk Show? Did the fabulous awning arrive too late? Did we?

3. re: the storefront. I resisted the urge to creep up and look in, because hi, it's me. With my luck I would have cupped my hands, peered into what I thought was an empty window, and been looking directly into the eyes of someone two inches away looking out at me*. Not happily, I might add.

Someone surely must know something about this. Spill the deets, please.

* I may or may not have done this before.
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