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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Local Interaction with the Neighbors

To: The Woman Who Hit the Dog in Front of my House This Morning

It wasn't your fault. You stopped when you saw the loose dogs. You only started to drive again when the dogs' owner waved you on. You couldn't have known the dog would pick that moment to run across the street. I think the dog is OK; you were going maybe five mph, and he went sort of under your SUV, not under a wheel, and he got up and ran away when you stopped.


To: The Owners of the Dogs

I hope you found him. I'm glad you got the other two safely. I hope the dog that got hit is OK. I hope you're OK, too, as OK as one can be after seeing one's dog get hit.


To: The Woman Who Hit the Dog

THIS WAS NOT YOUR FAULT. I understand why you were so shaken, so upset, but please don't let any of that upset be self-blame, because you did nothing wrong. NOTHING.
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