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Friday, July 30, 2010

No need to park here anymore

Which is BEYOND FANTASTIC. I don't even have to come back for six MONTHS.

Really, did I ever think things would turn out differently? No, of course not, because you and I both know that I'm going to be taken out in a far more absurd manner. Like self-strangulation with a hula hoop at a yoga studio (headline suggestion: Tragedy on Trade!). Or loss of life whilst sewing the children's Halloween wear (Cos-DOOM!). Regardless, something far less mundane.

But since February I've been a tad worried. A few people knew at that time, and a few more learned in June and July as the show really ramped up (Party @ 10 PM @ Club MRI!). Without exception they all showered me with love. Sometimes even in the form of cake or cheese.
Me: It cannot possibly be bad news, because I've gained weight! I'm eating my emotions!

Dr. Votanopoulos: That is not really a good screening technique.
Ah, yes, Dr. Votanopoulos, who today made my day with his pronouncement of see you in six MONTHS. I didn't dare tell the youngest my doctor was an actual Greek-from-Greece, because he would have wanted me to pepper poor Dr. V. with questions about Hoplites and other things completely unrelated, and frankly I was too busy resisting my own awful urges for irrelevant conversational sidetracks .
1. Which one would sound more like "Oops": Οοπσ or Οοψ?
2. So is For Your Eyes Only your favorite Bond flick, or what?
3. I only remember one word from all the Attic Greek I studied in high school, ho klops - the thief. I just thought you should know.
4. What euphemism do you use in place of, "It's all Greek to me"? Because it really wouldn't make sense if you said that.
Maybe I'll throw a few of those out when I see Dr. Votanopoulos in January 2011, but right now I'm too busy beaming like an idiot because the world is stuck with me. And I'm stuck with the world.

At least until I suffer a bizarre accident while admiring my beloved Poultry and Pigeons during the Dixie Classic (Duck, Duck, DEATH!).

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