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Friday, July 09, 2010

Cackalacky, Land of Tabacky Gorgeous Produce

Tomorrow, Saturday July 10th, from noon - 4 PM, please come to my grocery of choice, the Lowes Foods at Sherwood Plaza (Robinhood & Peacehaven).

Pilot Mountain Pride, a local food initiative supporting mid-sized food farmers making the shift from growing tobacco to growing food crops, will be on scene holding a farmer's market. You will find fresh, high quality local produce and have the opportunity to meet some of local farmers who grow it.

My beloved Lowes location will be carrying Pilot Mountain Pride produce items instore as well, so please next time you shop, look for the logo and support our local farms as they make this transition.

(Noble's Grille is also using Pilot Mountain Pride produce in their dishes. Yay, Noble's!)

Pilot Mountain Pride
Lowes Foods
Nobles Grille
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