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Friday, June 18, 2010


In DC, summer meant humidity like hot fog. After work we'd all meet up en route from the Metro at a local joint on Columbia Road called Chief Ike's Mambo Room. There we'd sit outside greeting each other as we arrived, sipping and noshing. Our jackets were stripped off and set aside. Ties disappeared, and shirts came untucked. After sunset, someone inside would start music up and we'd drift in to dance until we got too hot then drift out again, over and over. Every man was a wonderful dance partner and every woman looked beautiful in the magic of that rather small, rather scruffy establishment. I know time is static, that an hour is the same duration regardless, but those hours, those evenings seemed endless, like they could stretch out forever, and so we were always vaguely surprised when the music would shut off and the lights would come back on.

Beginning at 9pm every Thursday night, Noma welcomes all those looking to learn the art of Salsa Dancing. Participants will be on hand to give lessons and to enjoy all that salsa dancing offers. So come dancing this Thursday! $5 cover charge. Dress to impress.

Noma Urban Bar & Grill
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