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Sunday, June 27, 2010


In anticipation of spending a good chunk of quality time this weekend culling toys in the children's rooms, I went to iTunes recently. I had no idea what songs I wanted, just that they should be peppy and upbeat. Music to keep me moving. I used the related songs feature a lot, hop-skipping here and there, listening to 30 second clips, then swiftly rendering a verdict. Buy. Pass. Next. In all I bought maybe twelve new songs.

And then yesterday, I put my little earbuds in and entered a state I can only describe as complete and utter confusion.

Because I swear on all that is holy that I do not remember ever listening to a clip of this song, and if I had, I most certainly would not have pressed the purchase button. Not only because I don't especially enjoy boy bands, but also because - and maybe this is a minor detail - I don't speak Korean.

(I only learned that that was the specific linguistic background I lacked after first returning to iTunes and looking at my recent iPurchases then subsequently searching iWikipedia.)

But while I may not understand Korean, I do believe in signs , which is why if I drive by TJ Maxx and there's an available parking space right in front, I park and go in, even if I was actually en route to the nearby Lowes Foods. On those occasions Lowes just has to wait, because sometimes the universe wants me to shop clearance home goods. The universe, y'all.

So maybe this is also a sign. Maybe I was meant to download this song. Maybe, just maybe, I was meant to share it with you.

I'm beyond pleased with the video. The writhing! The facial expressions! The eyeliner! The fashion! That one line - Oh, my girl, I cry cry - that is now permanently wedged into a crevice of my brain, taking up space that otherwise would be wasted on useless information like teachers' names or my bank password! It's too splendid.

You are welcome. I'm just glad I could act as your Korean boy band conduit, as this is a musical area too many of us have been neglecting, and clearly the cosmos noticed.
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