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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Gentlemen, avert your eyes

Seriously. See you next post, dudes. Vamoose.

My grandmother on my father's side wore dresses with lace fronts or pleated fronts to mask them. Her polar opposite, my grandmother on my mother's side wore undergarments that fashioned them into torpedoes, which frankly seemed understandable of any woman who resided in Florida during the 1950s.

Hey, baby, whatcha doin' with yours tonight?

Forsyth Woman Barely There® Smart Sizes Soiree
Tuesday, June 29
5 PM - 7 PM
Hanesbrands store, Thruway

Are you tired of bras that don't fit? Tired of never finding the right bra? Come over to Thruway and we'll find the PERFECT bra for you.

Meet nationally known author and simple living expert Wanda Urbanska, and enjoy bra fittings, prizes, refreshments, and special promotions like 20% off any purchase of $50 or more.

Continue the fun after the event by heading across the street to Noble's Grille for Smart Sizes drink specials and delicious food.

Hanesbrands, Inc.
Barely There
Thruway Shopping Center
Forsyth Woman
Wanda Urbanska
Noble's Grille
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