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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

675 W. Fifth

We're having meat for dinner. Specifically we're having Bib's Downtown's awesome ribs and pulled pork. You should think about doing the same, maybe even eating it on site, because every Wednesday from 6-9 PM Bib's hosts an Open Mic Acoustical Jam Night.

Update, 4:45 PM

... and we didn't make it til dinnertime. Hey, speaking of time, let's pretend my plate is a clock!

Shown below, from eleven to half-past twelve: Bib's pulled pork (holy). From one o'clock all the way to four o'clock: Bib's ribs, which are incredibly generously cut (holy frijole). From four o'clock through seven o'clock, we have Bib's macaroni and cheese, which is comfort food at its finest (holy shmoly). There's a brief intermission from seven o'clock til nine o'clock, because Bib's hush puppies were too pop-in-the-mouth awesome to make it to the plate (holy roly poly). From nine o'clock til eleven o'clock, we have Bib's white coleslaw, which is my coleslaw of choice (holy ravioli), though the oldest swears by the red.

Bib's Downtown
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