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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Nine schooldays left after today

This morning was the first grade read-to-me show*. (The youngest is on the left.)

Now that that's over, between them my boys still have an ice cream party, a pizza picnic, a trip to Mi Pueblo, a bowling outing, a sport show, and the graduation ceremony, all during school hours**.

This is why when I saw the article on the Journal's website about Wilkes County favoring a shorter school year, I nodded my head vigorously, because I'd joyfully lop these last two weeks off the year to have my babies home with me.

* It's incredible how much progress has been made in just one year. The youngest entered first grade still not reading, just sounding out words with little fluency. This morning he read like a champ. Hurray!

** I don't deny the children need special activities and such, but I hate that they're all lumped at the end of the year like this. Why are they? Because until the EOGs, the teachers really have to use all available time to prepare the students for them. But then afterward it's like academic dead time, which is nuts. I blame the EOGs entirely.
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