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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Local Talent

Art Tasting
a film screening to promote the works of local and emerging filmmakers
Sunday, May 16th

The screening will showcase local talent and provide the filmmakers with an opportunity to share their work with the community. The films range from artistic (as in Cara Hagan's exciting film "Two Downtown" that follows two dancers as they make their way through Winston-Salem's historic downtown), to hilarious (as in Andy Mitchell's new web series "Macawesome"), and accomplished (as in Joe Flander's "Merry Christmas" which was part of the Cannes Film Festival in May 2009).

The screening will also highlight the impactful work being done by the Greensboro based project "Movies Without Borders" where local refugees and immigrants receive free filmmaking classes and make their own films as a way to tell their stories.

$5 Admission

Films include:
  • "Macawesome" by Andy Mitchell
  • "Hearts Beats" by Sophie Mihalko
  • "Merry Christmas" by Joe Flanders
  • "Two Downtown" by Cara Hagan
  • "The ACCORD Project" by Chuckie Lewis
  • "Assembly Required" by Josua Morgan, Brian Sutow, and Drew Wolber

I actually know Sophie Mihalko (2nd filmmaker down that list) personally
, and for the record, she is Macawesome*.

art tasting
a/perture cinema

*Andy Mitchell's title makes me suspect it could be about macaws, but in my mind, Macawesome would be the best Scottish surname ever. The Irish version would of course be McAwesome. (Sophie is French, so I guess to be accurate I should refer to her as L'Awesome.)
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