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Friday, May 28, 2010

Local Opening

Gateway Gallery
How 'Bout THAT!
Stacy Wingate & Raúl Montero

Opening Reception: Friday, May 28th
6-8:30 PM

Exhibition on view: May 28th - July 17th, 2010
Tuesday - Friday: 11 - 5, Saturday 10-2

OK, confession time: I lovelovelove to go preview exhibitions at the Gateway Gallery, because it gives me an excuse to shop in the giftshop.

This time I actually mewed aloud because apparently textile art instruction is going full force, and a myriad of beautiful rag rugs were calling to me like so many Sirens. At left is the most patriotic of the bunch. I love it madly. There were also rag coasters which were so fetching that if I hadn't already bought teacher gifts, I would have snatched them up and clutched them to me fiercely, then later debated giving them or - better idea! - keeping them for myself.

I fell hard for the clay garden stakes shown at right, which at $2 apiece make perfect wee gifts for anyone's favorite gardening fool. But sincerely, look at that rocking, framed Frankenstein duo piece! And the smiling carrot! I could have spun around and, while spinning, randomly snapped a phonophoto, and I guarantee you there'd be something mind-bogglingly marvelous in it.

So go see the show, because the shows at Gateway are always wonderful, and this one is no exception. But also walk very s-l-o-w-l-y on the way in and out, because there's an astonishing lot of awesome to take in.

Gateway Gallery
Raúl Montero

pieces in top image by Raúl Montero
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