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Friday, May 07, 2010

Local exception

I almost never publish press releases in their entirety, because generally there are a few paragraphs I consider "fluff", and frankly my attention span is quite smidgy and so I assume the LiF readership is equally affected by self-diagnosed ADD. So usually I shorten these things considerably and often reword the information to make it "flow right for my blog".

Today, I'm making an exception, because this one has a lot of local history tied in to it, though sadly they left this bit of super-fantastic out of it.

Also I'm making an endorsement, because I have personal experience with these people, and they rock (but it's a quiet, dignified rock that befits the somberness of the occasion).

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (MAY 7, 2010) – Salem Funerals & Cremations will open its second location on Monday, May 10, at Sunnynoll, the former Davis family home located at the intersection of Reynolda and Polo Roads in Winston-Salem. Salem Funerals, which is owned and operated by the Vogler family, opened its first location in downtown Winston-Salem in mid-2006.

Salem Funerals’ new location will offer family consultations, a virtual showroom of funeral service products, a catering program and full-service visitations. The owner-operators of Salem Funeral home are brothers Gene and Mosby Vogler, who are fifth-generation members of the Vogler family. In addition, John Vogler, Jr., the sixth-generation of the Vogler family, begins work at Salem Funerals on June 1.

“We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to offer the services of a local, family-run funeral home to the western Winston-Salem area. The availability of this property led us to opening a second location,” Mosby Vogler said. “Like our own family, the Davis home is part of Winston-Salem’s history. It seemed a natural match for us. The house is gorgeous and offers a peaceful setting that we believe will be comforting to families.”

“We didn’t have to modify the house very much to open it as Salem Funerals,” Vogler added. “The home is beautifully furnished with antiques and reproductions that create a warm, caring environment. Our new location is in line with the growing trend of having funeral homes in non-commercial areas to enhance family comfort.”

Vogler said that people who have made preneed arrangements with any other funeral provider can easily transfer their arrangements to either of Salem Funerals’ locations by calling Salem Funerals directly. “Those who wisely invested in preneed plans and want time-trusted service from the Vogler family certainly deserve it,” he said. “A simple transfer of their policies to Salem Funerals ensures that the Vogler family handles arrangements. It’s as easy as a phone call or short visit to our office.”

Salem Funerals has seven full time employees and seven part time staff, all of whom will share duties between the original Main Street location and the new Reynolda Road site.

“Our family’s business actually started at the current Main Street site in 1858. Part of the historic 1858 building, which is listed on the Forsyth County Historic Register, still is in use,” Vogler said. “As they’ve done for more than a century-and-a-half, people calling our family business know that the Vogler family is ready to answer and serve them with the utmost compassion and service. We believe this gives tremendous peace of mind for families going through a difficult time. We consider our work a multifaith ministry.”

The funeral businesses at 2951 Reynolda Road and in Clemmons operating under the name Frank Vogler & Sons continue to be managed by Houston-based Service Corporation International. Salem Funerals & Cremation Services is not affiliated with Frank Vogler & Sons, Vogler & Sons or Dignity Memorial Providers.

Salem Funerals & Cremation Services has two Winston-Salem locations: 120 South Main Street in downtown and 2599 Reynolda Road. For more information, call the Main Street location at (336) 722-6122 or the Reynolda Road location at (336) 722-8878 and ask for a member of the Vogler family team: Mike Flynn, Jennings Rennegar, Richard Puryear, Pat Wells or Gene or Mosby Vogler. Additional information is available as www.salemfh.com.
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