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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Local Conversational Arts

youngest: Mommy?

me: Uh-huh.

youngest: I wanted to let you know I've decided where I want to go to college.

me: Where?

youngest: I want to go to School of the Arts. The one here.

me (surprised): Really?

youngest: Yes.

me: Well, OK. Um, what would you like to study there, honey?

youngest (proudly): The art of war.


youngest: With an emphasis on historical battles.


Music for Brass
featuring new works by UNCSA composers
Jesse Blair
Tom Brennan
Lucas Hausrath
da Capo Brass
@ Körner's Folly
Sunday, May 9th @ 5 PM

Because space is limited; reservations are recommended.

Tom Brennan
Jesse Blair
Lucas Hausrath
da Capo Brass
Körner's Folly
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