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Thursday, May 27, 2010

ATTN: Local Facebook Cult Members


During the month of May, Lowes Foods is going to donate $2.00 to North Carolina Humane Societies for every person who “likes” the Lowes Foods Facebook page. In addition, 1% of proceeds from all Paws purchases will be donated to local Humane Societies as well.

Please fan or friend or like or whatever-have-you Lowes Foods and encourage your Facebook people to do the same. Do so during the next 100 or so hours and help some animals along the way.

Lowes Foods on Facebook

(Paws is Lowes Foods' new line of pet products. Lowes Foods is a grocery chain with their corporate headquarters here, in our city. It's wonderful that other chains have stores here, but it's a true testament of belief in Winston-Salem for Lowes Foods - or any company, for that matter - to plant the people in charge here.)

Lowes Foods
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