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Monday, April 05, 2010

Local RVific

Everytime I take 40-E and go through that stretch with all those truck and RV dealerships, I fantasize about buying a silver Airstream. Pretty much the only thing -- but hooie, it's a biggie -- keeping me from looking into it is the fact that even driving a regular size Dodge Ram* feels like I'm navigating an enormously long vehicle, which act necessitates complete concentration or Someone Could Die! Saying that type of driving makes me slightly tense is akin to saying it's a little polleny today. HELLO, OUR VEHICLES ARE ALL GREEN.

But wowsers, news releases like this tempt me...
Situated among the shade of mature Willow Oaks, RV Tanglewood’s 44 paved RV camping sites include full water, sewer and 50 amp electrical service. Later this summer, cable TV hookup will also be provided. The cost for each site is $29 per night.
The RV campground will be run by the staff of Forsyth County Parks and Recreation and will be open March 1-November 15 each year. When it opens, it will be the only natural-setting campground in Forsyth County.

Tanglewood Park

* This morning, in fact, when I turned my key in my ignition and nada. I quickly borrowed my husband's truck to take the kiddos to school; the reactions from other mothers ranged from appalled to amused to terrified, which given what I just told you above is probably the most appropriate response of the three.

I returned home, and after an easy jump start, my husband and I figured out what happened.
Apparently the youngest accidentally closed his seatbelt in his door in such a way that a small dent resulted in the exact place the door closed sensor should hit. This led the car's stupid computer to believe the door was never truly shut which apparently led to the battery being drained overnight. We fixed said dent in the most quintessentially Southern way possible, which is to say there's now a nickel duct-taped to the inside of the door. Go, us!
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