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Monday, April 05, 2010

Local Neighboring City Neighbor

"I am sewing and living in Greensboro NC, a small somewhat depressed city in the heart of the state. It was once the center of the apparel/textile industry."

While the beginning of etsy seller LocalMotion's overall shop statement is rather sad, her outlook in her profile is utterly lemons-lemonade: "Recently my job was outsourced to India and so happy to have this opportunity to do what I love, being creative, making clothes, cards, curtains, growing a garden. I am hoping this is the the open window to the closed door."

I'm also completely charmed by the way she often works her location into her listings. "Yellow is in this year but I am more thrilled to see yellow popping up in my garden after such a cold winter in NC!" describes this jacket, while this one speaks of spring trees: "Pictured is chartreuse with red glass button, color of many of the trees here right now - budding green."

Location even plays into her international efforts. Regarding a Haitian doll: "Convo me regarding bulk orders - I would love to make hundreds of these to send to Haiti - if anyone wants to support this dream, I have local woman here in Greensboro I can employ to help - we still have over 10% unemployment. Win Win"

I also love her items themselves. The lines on her jackets I find just beautiful, and everything's tailor made; she asks buyers for numerous measurements including height.

In short, I wish she lived here, but if she can't, I'll happily claim her as a neighboring city neighbor.
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