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Thursday, April 15, 2010


The Great BBQ Debate
a guest post by
LiF cub reporter of the day

I take great pride in my eastern North Carolina roots but also embrace my new hometown, Winston-Salem. When it comes to barbecue, I make no apologies in preferring the eastern style I first had as a "youngin" cooked under a tobacco barn shelter by, I have no idea who cooked it, but it was at my my Uncle Braxton's tobacco barn in a makeshift pit. That is where I was also introduced to my very first pig skin, cooked (seared really) to crispy perfection. To this day I don't believe I've ever had any finer.There is an art in not burning it.

I have also discovered some very good Piedmont BBQ joints in the area. So far my favorite is Lexington BBQ # 1, or as the locals call it, Honey Monks. I have no idea why it's called that but I can tell you it is very good barbecue. Every now and then I'll sneak over to Lexington and get a good cue fix. Closer to home I'll frequent Little Richard's Barbecue which I rate as good.

Us Tar Heels love to passionately debate the virtues of our regional barbecues. Should you slice it, chop it, pull it? The sauce debate is a subject that will rile up best friends. Name calling is not an uncommon occurrence when it comes to sauce. Add a little adult beverage to the "discussion" and fisticuffs have been known to erupt. Heck, we'll even debate whether the word barbecue is a noun or verb And if your from Texas and on our home turf you'd better send some Texas Rangers to assist. Beef brisket served on white bread with onions and pickles is a nice sandwich though. Pork is barbecue. Got it y'all?

To help outsiders, Texans, or Yankees figure out why we love to argue about barbecue, here is a good starting point. This brochure is courtesy of the NC Pork Council:

bar - be - cue

Esbee note: Pchaw! You are so very wrong. Bib's Downtown is the pig of choice. If I ever lose all my teeth, I'll have to seriously consider whether I really want dentures or if I should just eat nothing but delicious pork from Bib's from then on. It's THAT TENDER.
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