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Monday, April 12, 2010

Bloggy Notes

1. Posting will fall in the light range this week, as several of my commitments come to fruition simultaneously, including but not limited to the 1st grade play, for which I created a few props this weekend. Shown above: "a platter of fishcakes".

2. If you've ever wanted to write a guest post, a la Yarddawg and KT, this is the time! Post should be relevant locally and must pass muster with legal. Promotion of events or organizations with which one is affiliated perfectly acceptable with disclosure of said affiliation. Email submissions to hippo.hippo@gmail.com.

3. Comments are whackadoo, according to several, with comments posting but comment count staying at zero (or one, or whatever, etc). Google usually fixes such things quickly, thankfully.

4. The pollen. Agree? Yes. The End.
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