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Monday, April 05, 2010

ATTN: Mayor, WSFCS Board, Whomever

I can't help but notice that Winston-Salem is not on the list of 22 cities currently benefiting from Experience Corps. We need to be.
Experience Corps, an award-winning national program, engages people over 55 in meeting their communities' greatest challenges.

2,000 Experience Corps members tutor and mentor in 22 cities across the country, providing literacy coaching, homework help, consistent role models and committed, caring attention.

Independent research shows that Experience Corps boosts student academic performance, helps schools and youth-serving organizations become more successful, and enhances the well-being of older adults in the process.
"They help me as much as I help them," said Handy of her volunteer work as a tutor at Belmont Elementary School in a low-income West Baltimore neighborhood. "They give you energy. You learn psychology all over again."

Recent research indicates that Handy knows of what she speaks - documenting significant health benefits for the tutors.
That second quote is from this excellent Washington Post article about Experience Corps.

Please, whomever is in charge of such things, look into this for Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Public Schools.

Experience Corps
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