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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

THIS IS SPARTA! (alternate title: Tonight we dine in the cafeteria!)

The youngest is pretty much in love with history; his two-pronged career plan is to be (1) a historian and (2) the mayor, I know not in what order. While his truest of true is Colonial Americana, he's recently been having a dalliance with Famed Warriors Throughout History. The flames of ardor were fanned mightily by a book he found at this year's Scholastic Book Fair pitting individual warriors against each other, and he can now discuss at length how a Zulu would have fared against, say, a Samurai. Or an Aztec. Or a Viking. Or any other warrior the constraints of time, space, and historical accuracy would have prevented the Zulu from ever encountering.

History's ultimate warrior, according to the youngest, is the mighty Spartan, which is why recently he announced that if he has two sons and one daughter, their names will be Leonidas, Spartacus and Lucy Buttercup. He also declared his firm intent to attend Mt. Tabor High School seven years from now for the same reason. This is fine and dandy, but methinks* the students there don't learn nearly as much hand-to-hand combat as the youngest believes.


Mt. Tabor High School
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