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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Cleaning, Summer Planning

Forgive the quiet; my mind is busily planning this summer's redecoration of the youngest's room. The theme? Oh, you know, the ever-popular, always classic Historical Americana meets Día de Los Muertos. So basically a lot of red, white, and blue plus skulls. Hey, good news, I found the right frame for this today!

Over the upcoming spring break, I need to measure a really old family bedstead I have that I believe is a 3/4. I have to know for sure, obviously. Then I'll begin to think bedding. Also I need to think about floor coverings, lighting, and such. But first I want to go through the basement and the attic and see what I have onhand that will work, because holy cannoli, we're in a recession, and I need to do this room on the super-cheap.

And when I'm done poking and switching and swapping, I should have a nice little pile to take to Goodwill so someone else can snag a decorative item or ten.

17 convenient Goodwill dropoff locations in Forsyth County
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