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Thursday, March 18, 2010

So, about the hypothetical book(s)...

That we here at LiF bought for the public library by filling out our Census forms and returning them right as rain:

I'd like to talk about bookplates, please. I've long adored the bookplates in some of the older books at the library, you know, these:

But yesterday, y'all, I found an even better one. Feast your eyes on this, because even with the slight twinge I experienced for the absence of proper hyphenation, the font alone sent me madly a-swoon:

Then there are the county and city seals! One resting on a motto, the other on feathers! And a decorative border! And the whole light lettering on a dark background thingie! It's like the Promised Land of Bookplates!

So when you picture the hypothetical book(s) we at LiF have purchased for the library, please adjust your imaginations accordingly to include the second bookplate, only with a dash appropriate to the font in between the words Winston and Salem.

Also please consider donating a book to the library yourself. You know, just because.

Forsyth County Public Library
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