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Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday means more than just the start of another work week; it also means....


Sunday night was stormy all around this week with tornado watches in Winston-Salem and a whirlwind of anger on Madhouse. Jonathan Brown was the center of the episode this week as his popularity and driving skill increased.

Jonathan is quite the up and comer at Bowman Gray and is currently 5th in points which is not too shabby for a rookie driver. Jonathan lets us all know that his problem falls in qualifying. If he draws a good starting position from the tube sock of death he does well, but if he has to drive for starting position, his luck is much different. Jonathan feels that qualifying shocks are what he needs to put him in a good starting position. Burt and Tim both run shocks specifically for qualifying, and it aids them in gaining a better starting position. Unfortunately, Jonathan doesn't have the financial backing that Tim and Burt has, and he can't just pull shocks out of his kiester. Jonathan decides to spend his own money to put shocks on the car.

What I don't like about Jonathan is that he seems to be only out for himself. He is teammates with Junior Miller; however, it seems like a high school hallway when they are all in the garage together... Jonathan and his team whispering about Junior and his team in the corner, and then they all come together and act like BFF's. OMG it makes me want to like LOL, I mean WTF? Can't we all just go shop at Hollister and and like, get along? Seriously? I understand that in racing only one car can win, but I don't think you should bite the hand that feeds you.

The episode was quite upbeat, and then came the violins and the abandoned puppy in the alley footage. Translation: obligatory Chris Fleming segment. I broke out the Cymbalta and a box of White Zin so I could muster through the sadness of Chris Fleming's interview. Ok, you broke your ribs, your back hurts, you don't have money to fix your car, and yet you are still calling yourself The Showstopper? How about calling yourself The Racestopper due to the extensive numbers of caution flags you have caused to come out this year? Or maybe The Heartstopper due to the times you've caused my life to almost end out of boredom?

Junior Miller decided to go back to racing his orange car. And truth be told, I think it was a smart decision. Junior just isn't Junior in a red car. Junior drives the orange #69. What is his thinking driving the red car? Junior and his crew spend all week working on the orange car, getting it race ready. Brian Salter, the engine man, says that Junior's engine is probably the best engine he has ever built, and if he gets the suspension up to par, no one can beat him driving the orange car. We'll just see about that.

The day of the race we're back out at Junior's garage where he and his crew chief discover that the engine is broken. A timing belt of valve shaft or something has broken. No one's fault, the part just breaks. That's what I call bad luck. Junior is forced to race his old red car even though it's not near race ready.

To the track we go... Burt qualifies on the pole with the fastest lap recorded all season. Tim is next to him on the outside with a pretty fast lap as well... just not as fast as Burt. (Felt like I needed to point that out again.) Jonathan gives his new shocks a try and only qualifies 11th. Hmm, if it's not the shocks, and the car is otherwise in perfect condition, I'm wondering if the problem with qualifying is operator error? Just a thought. Let me explain it like this for you, Jonathan: I can run, I can buy the best running shoes in the world, I can practice everyday, but that doesn't mean I'm going to be in the Olympics. Sometimes life just works out that way. Look, Jonathan, someone has to finish behind Burt.

The race begins and it is exciting -- a 50 lap double file restart race. As a fan in the stands, you are just praying for a caution, because the restarts are so exciting. Junior quickly knocks Jason Myers out of the race, something he has gotten quite good at this season. Burt is then eliminated, and finally it's Jonathan, Tim Brown and Junior at the front of the pack. Tim Brown is leading, and Jonathan is right behind him. Jonathan spins Tim out while Junior blocks everyone else from catching up to his teammate. Jonathan ends up winning his 2nd race at Bowman Gray.

Now, there were two things I found entertaining about the post race events... one, Jonathan Brown went on and on about what a great driver he was to beat Tim and Burt. Are you really that good of a driver, or did you just wreck all of your actual competition and then use your elderly teammate to block for you causing you to win? I'm going with option two. The other thing I found hilarious was Tim Brown sulking in the pits that he got spun out. Dude, you've had the lucky rabbit's foot all season. No mechanical problems and no wrecks. What are you upset about? Simmer down. It's racing. If you don't expect to be spun out, then maybe you should pick a different sport.

All in all the episode wasn't too exciting... we'll see what happens next week!

And now for your MADHOUSE QUOTE(S) OF THE WEEK (I have 3 and I just couldn't decide):

1. Junior Miller- "Losing the best motos ya got, a $40,000 motor dies just sitting in the shop, I can't explain how bad it is. It's bout' like your brother dying. Bad, bad, bad."

If I ever compare my brother's death to losing an engine please call me by my new name... Hateful.

2. Junior Miller- "We gotta go to the track with a car we know's not capable of sitting on the pole, it's bout' like going to the prom and dancing with your sister."

'Nuff said.

3. Junior Miller (discussing racing against the Myers boys)- "Put a little Tide on em' and put em' through the spin cycle."
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