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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Local Net Working

The summer I was twenty-three, my mother and I signed up for a week of early morning tennis bootcamp. Each of us was fantastic as a doubles partner, consistent as all get-out, enabling the partnered player to shine in all of his or her tennis glory. However neither of us was what I'd call oomphy as a singles player; our shots were always in but often arrived gently and generally were returned easily.

During that week my mother and I ran sprints, did rapid-fire drills at the net, worked on taking a chance with that first serve, on really pounding the ball as hard as we could in hopes of acing the opponent. We drank water with gusto and embraced two-handed backhands as being less graceful but more powerful. And at the end of the week, we resolved to take a tennis camp together the next summer, too, and the next.

I don't know why we never did. I guess life got in the way.

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