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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Local Menagerie

In addition to my Talavera pig planter, I also have a metal turtle in my yard. (He's supposed to be a fountain, but I find the idea of a spitting turtle ewwy, so I just sort of let him be. It's very zen.)

Yarddawg's outdoor space features a hippo planter that I covet wildly. I think about stealing it every time I lay eyes on it. It's currently planted with lettuce, which ratchets the amazingness up at least three notches.

And SueMo acquired a new garden fancy chicken for whom she needs a name. Suggestions? Hurry, because I'm also considering stealing this item as well.

If you have any fantastic faux fauna in your outdoor space, please email photos to me immediately so I can add your items to my theft list. Then one night I'll go all over town with an enormous sack just like the Grinch and take it all. Only my heart won't grow, and I won't return it. The End.
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