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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Guest Post! Local Food Review by L.C.

Banana Fana Fo Fispy

Time for your local food review by L.C.! You may remember my previous review of the Dill Pickle offered at The Grand Theater so I consider myself uniquely qualified for this next assignment for LiF. (Esbee note: L.C. is highly qualified. She eats a lot. Practically daily.)

Wednesday afternoon I stopped in at my local Krispy Kreme on Stratford Road to try out the NEW Banana Pudding doughnut (on right in photo) and the Banana Caramel Cake doughnut (on left in photo), both of which launched March 1st.

The Banana Pudding version is similar to the creme filled but the creme has a mild banana flavor and it is topped with crushed vanilla wafer cookies. According to my oldest the Banana Pudding one was his favorite since as he put it, "It has filling in it!".

I preferred the Banana Caramel Cake one. This is a denser cake style doughnut with a subtle banana flavor topped with Krispy Kreme's famous glaze and then drizzled with a caramel flavored icing. I loved the combination of flavors in this one and it reminded me slightly of Banana's Foster.

I ate mine at room temperature, but I am sure that if you popped this one in the microwave for about 10 seconds it would be even more delicious!

I highly recommend you run out and taste these for yourself. They are offered only at select Krispy Kreme locations (both Krispy Kreme stores in Winston will be carrying them) and only through April 18th, so get out there and try one before I eat them all!

Krispy Kreme
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